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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Re'eh, 21 Av 5777, 13.8.17

The King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, brings redemption to the people of Israel, redeems the Jews from all over the world and brings them to the Holy Land. If we want to understand what is happening in this world, this is "Gog and Magog" – the Jews will come to the Land of Israel to settle here. If they will ignore His warnings, the Creator will continue to complicate and divide the whole world, except the Holy Land, to shake and shudder it with the elements, the floods, the volcanoes, inferno and fires, severe winds and storms. The earthquakes will continue and tsunami will not be late. All this is done by our Father in Heavens so that the Jews will flee from the lands of the Diaspora and immigrate to the Holy Land so that the Jews who live in Israel will not go abroad. It will also be that all the people who wish to disturb the Holy Land of Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel will be preoccupied with the floods, earthquakes, fires and storms The Creator of the world confuses them and brings quarrels among them, diseases and in short: the ten plagues of Egypt.

Any country that will work with the Land of Israel, in trade and in any other fields, that will support the Land of Israel and the Jews, will immediately feel the help of the Creator of Heaven. If they will continue to deceive the Holy One, Blessed be He, the Creator will continue to strike them very hard, until all the nations and all the presidents and kings understand clearly that they must not touch the Holy Land of Israel, but praise the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Holy Land.

Outside the borders of Israel there is 'Gog and Magog' and 'chaos,' and within the Holy Land of Israel: The Holy One, blessed be He, protects and guards. The best economy in the world is in Israel; love and peace is in Israel; the most advanced technology in the world is in Israel; the best army in the world is in Israel; the best doctors in the world are in Israel, because there are angels with them coming down from heaven, and it is only in Israel. When the Jews in the Land of Israel will stop playing soccer on Shabbat, they will take the World Championship! Shabbat is the source of the blessing and one who does not observe the Shabbat, loses the source of the blessing.

What remains to be repaired in the Holy Land of Israel? That the Jews on the right and on the left would be united - that would be the joy of the Holy One, Blessed is He!

All the countries of the world are afraid of a nuclear war, they are all afraid of death because they have families, children, grandchildren, and if G-d forbid there would be a nuclear bomb, it will not distinguish between good and evil, all will be destroyed. Before a country sends a nuclear bomb, all will know. Everyone wants to push the button, to destroy the world first.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, the King of the Universe says to all the nations on Earth: The Land of Israel is flourishing and growing, all the Jews of the world must come to the Land of Israel; the Messiah is in the Land of Israel working and acting, building the Third Temple. The world will not be destroyed, nothing will happen! There will not be a third intifada, nor a Third World War, and not a nuclear war. Everything that happens, all the chaos in the world, are solely for the sake of the Jews so they will come to the Land of Israel and for all the countries that disturb them to be in 'chaos.' If they will redeem themselves, they will have only goodness.

Israeli government: do not to believe a word from China, they are concerned only with themselves; they care only about themselves and you must not give them any information, knowledge or patents.

Russia, Putin is happy, selling arms and ammunition, doing what he wants and what he wishes, he does not see care of anyone.

The United States, Trump is afraid of a missile war; the world is built today with millions of missiles; there is no work for tanks, armored personnel carriers or any other armored vehicle. Every missile has a tremendous power of destruction.

The Gaza Strip, Hamas take all the money they receive and complain that they have no money. They give money to the workers in the tunnels instead of letting the citizens have something to eat. They continue digging tunnels; the Creator will not let them succeed. They dig and reach the Egyptian border. The Holy One, Blessed is He, gives sickness and disease with the tunnels.

Egypt, Sisi has a strong headache, he entered a dead end. There is a great hunger in Egypt; there is a mess in the Sinai desert; the Gaza Strip is making a mess for him; ISIS is creating for him a mess; the extremist Muslims are creating for him a mess, and in short, they want to eat him alive and he does not know how to get out of the situation. The Creator is telling him: connect with the holy land of Israel with integrity and truth - you will have plenty of welfare, protection and shelter without end.

Jordan, the king speaks outwardly as if he is against Israel and in secrete he is protected and sheltered and loves the Land of Israel and the Jews. It is hard for him to take over the cruel evil; all day he puts out fires.

Turkey, Erdogan is threatened and executes all people so as not to have a revolution; he is in great fear. In the end, he will have a revolution from ISIS and the rebels.

The Muslims are filling all of Europe with refugees. Even though they are killed in all kinds of places along the way – nothing helps.

In France there is a big mess. Everything that happens there is terrorism. They say it is not terrorism, to try to keep it quiet.

France, England, Spain and Belgium will be severely beaten.

Iran is proud of the nuclear bomb they are producing.

Syria, there is no cease-fire; there is a continuation of the most brutal war. No one will stop the killing until it is erased from the face of the earth.

Nasrallah is under the ground; he is finished and dying.

Lebanon does not want war; they do not want Nasrallah.

Natural disasters will continue, as long as the Jews continue to be disturbed. The sea is raging and noisy, wanting to take over and purify the earth, and the Holy One, blessed be He, stops it for now. There is an angel in the sea waiting for the instructions of the Creator of the Universe.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to all the nations of the world and to all the presidents: Anyone who wants to disturb the people of Israel, I will reveal them naked in front of all the television screens.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, cleans the land of Israel and discloses all the people of lewdness, bribery, deceit, adultery and theft, and embarrasses everyone in the media. There is no exception, religious or non-religious.

It is forbidden to hold demonstrations against a person who has not been convicted. All the disturbances against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are from money that came from abroad to a group of mostly non-Jews and a few left-wing Jews, to bring down the right. They have no problem with Netanyahu; they want to topple the right-wing government in order to destroy the Holy Land. They are looking for a political way to destroy the State of Israel. Netanyahu is a wise man, a wise politician who does not agree with them. The Holy Land succeeds in economics, in the army, in real estate, in technology, so they want to topple the right-wing government due to jealousy.

Dear Jews, protect your sons and daughters and explain to them not to mix with the Gentiles. The Jewish people must not humiliate themselves and be assimilated into gentile societies.

Jews need to observe the Commandments, the 613 mitzvot, pray, study Torah, give tzedakah and tithes, as the Holy One, Blessed be He wants it and will give them goodness without limits.

All the affluent and wealthy Jews who 'throw' their money out of the Land of Israel, who buy property outside of the Land of Israel - the Creator is very angry with them. All wealthy and affluent Jews, who have charitable funds, must give only to Jews living in the Land of Israel, to the needy, to synagogues and batei midrash, to yeshiva students and mikvahs. First of all, the poor of your home, your city and your country. The Gentiles have donations from all over the world, filling them with money from all directions. To the Holy Land there are the rich and wealthy Jews who will give charity and donations. If they give to the Gentiles, they will greatly anger the Creator. They will go bankrupt, the Creator will shame them in all the media, they will return to being average people and eventually begging.

The Messiah, our Just one, acts and works, travels from place to place, helps and saves. His soul works day and night. The whole world knows that there is something special about the people of Israel, in the Land of Israel, that protects them. All the nations of the world know with certainty that there is a messenger of Hashem, a man of Hashem, who protects and guards the Holy Land of Israel. Also for the people of Israel, some of them know and others who are more stubborn want to see clearly. Anyone who wants to see clearly, when the Messiah will go public to the people Israel on his long awaited day, that person will come to judgment. To all the opponents and unbelievers in our time, in our generation, the Messiah exists and works! He is like a normal person but he is the Messiah! The Holy One, blessed be He, speaks from his throat and tells him what to say to the people of Israel and to the entire world. Every Jew feels and is aware that he has protection and shelter around him, that there is something from above that protects him. But when it comes his time to leave the world, there is nothing to interfere, these are heavenly accounts. Death and life are in the hands of the Creator alone.

In order to avoid being flogged or tormented, every Jew must observe the commandments given by the Holy One, Blessed be He. Always ask the Creator that the Messiah our Just one be revealed in our generation, now, in public. All the signs in the world attest to the period of revelation of the Messiah, the discovery of the foundations of the First and Second Temples - in order to continue building the Third Temple! When the Messiah is revealed in public in the Land of Israel and in the world, all the goyim will flee on foot outside the borders of Israel - the time is near! Everything we've written here is all precise!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is Visiting the Temple Mount Kosher?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Monday, August 14, 2017

How G-d’s Children Should React to Grief

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

“You are Children to your G-d, thus you shall not cut yourselves as a sign of mourning for the dead.” (D'varim 14:1).

Being Hashem's Chosen People, His unique treasure in this world, carries with it awesome responsibilities. Since Hashem calls us His Children, we are commanded to exercise constraint when mourning for the passing of a loved one. Pagans mutilated their bodies as an expression of grief and mourning. Even today, the Shiites in Iran and Iraq continue this pagan and barbaric ritual at their funerals.

The Talmud in Sanhedrin states that when Rabbi Akiva attended the funeral of Rabbi Eliezer, he beat and scratched his body until he began to bleed. He wept at cried out: “My father, My father.” Tosafot questions Rabbi Akiva's overwhelming display of grief - wounding himself, which is prohibited by our verse.

Tosafot responds that for the sake of lost Torah knowledge, it is permitted. In other words, since Rabbi Akiva was grieving over the loss of his source of Torah wisdom, he was permitted to exhibit such excessive grieving.

Rabbi Chaim Shmeulevitz explains the Halachic logic behind Tosafot‘s statement. He cites the S'forno, who explains that we should not be overwhelmed by the feeling of loss upon the passing of a loved one. This is because we still have our Farther in Heaven, who is our closest and dearest relative, who never leaves us. In fact, Psalms tells us that Hashem never abandons any Jew, even in Hell. (Tehillim 139:8 "...and even if l were to descend to Hell, still You are there.")

This realization provides us with comfort and support, as we encounter our bereavement and loss. This idea, applies only in regards to the loss of a relative. Knowing that our Father in Heaven is always with us is the greatest source of comfort. However, when Rabbi Eliezer passed away, Rabbi Akiva lost his beloved teacher.

Who was he to turn to now with his questions in Torah? Who would provide his spiritual guidance? Who would help him in his spiritual growth and progress?

Suddenly, Rabbi Akiva felt far away from his Eternal Father - Hashem.

Our relationship with Hashem is expressed through the study of Torah and the performance of Mitzvot. That is how we become attached to Hashem. We merit eternal life through this process. When Rabbi Akiva's Rebbe passed away, his growth in Torah became stunted. His path to eternity was impeded. It was an eternal loss! For such a loss, there are no restrictions on display of grief.

The Ramban, in his lament for his Rebbe, Rabbeinu Yona, writes that nothing is able to comfort him in his loss. His only consolation was that one day he would also pass on and once again meet his beloved Rebbe in the Afterlife. This is how our great Torah Teachers grieved for their Rebbeim.

Grief eventually affects all of us. We can cope with grief constructively, because we are all Hashem’s beloved children.

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Tests, Suffering and Torah; Plus an Extra Special Video

Source Sheet by Mordechai Lewis

In our own lives, we all go through different periods of hardship. Sometimes we ask aloud to our Creator, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why are You sending me these hardships? There is nothing wrong with asking these questions.[1] For the Gemara[2] says, “A person whose suffering causes him to challenge G-d is not sinful.”

Then, why does Hashem send us hardships? Is it to make us miserable? The Chofeitz Chayim[3] tells us that the reason Hashem sends us hardships is, “…in order to test you, to do good for you in your end.”[4] Yes, to test you! Nevertheless, most of us would rather take a written or oral test, than to have G-d test us in life.

Yet, the Medrash[5] tell us something astounding: “G-d does not elevate a person to greatness until He first tests him – with a small matter.”[6] For tests and challenges are not an unfortunate fact of life, but a sign of Hashem’s trust and confidence in our ability to prevail.[7] Yes, He ‘knows’ how difficult things are for us.[8] For the Gemara[9] states, “G-d does not make matters difficult for His creatures. However, He does expect a person to perform according to his capacity.” As Koheles[10] says, “Whatever you are capable of doing with your own strength do it.”

Hashem gave us free will.[11] Therefore, if we fail a challenge that He sends us, don’t give up! Rav Tzadok HaKohein of Lublin writes, “Just as one must believe in Hashem, so too, one must believe in himself. Hashem wants us to BELIEVE in our strengths, capabilities, ability to overcome evil and achieve greatness.”[12] In the words of Rav Scheinberg, “Serving the Almighty properly involves constant challenges, which takes consistency and persistence to succeed… Only FOOLS give up HOPE.”[13]

What about suffering? Why do we suffer? The Chofeitz Chayim cites a Medrash[14] which states that Yitzchak Avinu asked that man should endure suffering as an atonement. No one can escape suffering. As the Medrash[15] states, “There is no man who goes through life without afflictions!” Still, the Gemara[16] says, “Pain that a person suffers[17] in this world atones for sins.”[18]

Speaking of atonement, the Gemara asks, “Why are the righteous removed before their time? To atone for sins of the generation. Because when the wicked flourish in the world, the righteous found among them are seized for their sins.”[19] Then, there is the universal question of, “Why do the wicked prosper and the righteous suffer?”[20] Rashi[21] answers that in his lifetime (i.e. of the wicked person), Hashem pays him that which is coming to him for the good that he has done, in order ‘to make him perish’ from the World to Come.

The posuk[22] said, “In order to test you, to do good for you in your end.” What does, “in your end” mean? It’s referring to the World to Come. We create our ‘estate’ in the World to Come based on how one deal with the challenges and situations that He send us in This World. As the Mesillas Yesharim[23] states, “Our purpose in this world is to serve Hashem by overcoming challenges and thereby earn the World to Come.” For the Gemara[24] says that the World to Come is one of the three good gifts that Hashem gave to Yisroel that only comes through suffering. Furthermore, the Chofeitz Chayim[25] states, “Whenever a person suffers in any way for the honor of Hashem, he is lifted to a higher station in the World to Come.”

The Gemara[26] says, “The entire forty days that Moshe stood upon Har Sinai, he would learn Torah and then forget it…”

Can we even begin to comprehend the mental anguish that Moshe Rabbeinu must have been going through?!

We all study material and sometimes forget it. Nevertheless, to study material day after day and then forget it, we would start to mentally crack!

The Gemara concludes, “In the end, it was given to him as a gift.”

Elsewhere, the Gemara[27] states that one of the three good gifts that Hashem gave to Yisroel only comes through suffering. Which gift is that? Torah. The word for gift in Hebrew is מַתָּנָה. Every morning in Birchas HaTorah we say, “Blessed are You, Hashem… Who selected us from all the nations וְנָתַן, and gave, to us His Torah…”

What’s the connection between the words מַתָּנָה, gift, and נָתַן, gave?

They both contain the root word of תֵּן which means to give. Hashem is telling us, “I gave you the Torah as a gift. However, don’t think it will come easily to you.” As Avos[28] says, “Prepare yourself to learn Torah because it is not an inheritance for you.”

Rabbeinu Yonah and Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz[29] have the same thought in mind, “When a person tries to mix spirituality (i.e. Torah) and materialism, he will find out that they constantly compete for his attention…” In addition, one who is accustomed to pampering himself with all forms of pleasure will have a hard time forcing himself to invest the necessary effort to acquire to true Torah knowledge.[30]

Continuing, Rabbeinu Yonah says, “You will never master the Torah’s wisdom until you make the effort to acquire it. Torah is not an inheritance that is passed down from father to son.

How does one acquire Torah? Acceptance of suffering.[31] As the Medrash[32] states, “…Fortunate is the man for whom the Torah is the source of his affliction” As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” For instance, one is in middle of learning Torah and suddenly, he gets a headache, stomachache, bodily ailment or a situation came up that deprived him of sleep; don’t stop learning! Why? Because “The reward for keeping G-d’s commandments is increased in proportion to the effort and discomfort one experiences in its performance.”[33] [34] Therefore, “If you learn Torah when it is difficult for you, your reward is one thousand; when things are going smoothly for you; the reward is [only] two hundred.”[35] Yet, Torah is the best pain reliever! As the Gemara[36] states, “Anyone who engages in Torah study, afflictions keep away from him.” In addition, whoever engages in Torah study, the Torah makes him great and exalts him above all things.[37]

What’s the “best type” of suffering to endure? The Gemara answers, “When a person ignores insults, Heaven ignores his or her sins.”[38] Rabbi Moshe Cordovero[39] points out that it is far better to achieve atonement for a sin by suffering an insult in silence than to undergo physical punishment which may interfere with one’s ability to perform mitzvos or study Torah.

We said in the beginning, that Moshe stood on Har Sinai for an entire forty days. He would learn Torah and then forget it. The Gemara says, “One who reviews a subject forty times, is guaranteed it will be rooted in his memory[40] as if it were placed in his pocket.”[41] However, reviewing forty times only applies to when one is learning with a partner, whereas a person learning by himself must see something 101 times before he will remember it. Since Hashem was transmitting the Torah to Moshe, Hashem, so to speak, was like Moshe’s chavrusah and therefore he only needed to be taught forty times. Perhaps, when Avos[42] tells us, “Forty is the age when man attains insight,” Moshe attained true insight of the Torah on the 40th day.

That’s Moshe Rabbeinu. However, I wasn’t in heaven for forty days?

Picture the following: You’re in class and might be learning Chumash, Novi, Gemara, Mishnayos or Halacha. Yet, you’re getting really frustrated because it’s half an hour and you still don’t understand the material that you just learned. On the other hand, your friend understands the material in just twenty minutes. You might think to yourself, “I wish I was as smart as them.”

Don’t have this mindset. Why not? Because behind closed doors, you have no clue of what challenges they face. In fact, your friend may think, “My friend thinks that I’m so smart. Still, if they knew what challenges I face, they would never be jealous of me. In fact, I would rather be in their situation and not have to deal with my challenges.”

Rav Dessler[43] tells us, “When a person overcomes some desire, pushing himself to ignore its call, this does not eliminate the desire. It has only been pushed away temporarily. Later, when he recalls his desire, his urge to fulfill it returns twice as strong as before. The original urge joins together with the new to form an overpowering urge much greater than what he encountered originally… It is like pushing on a coiled spring; the more one pushes against it the harder it pushes back. This is what Gemara[44] mean when they say, ‘The greater the person, the greater his yeitzer hara.’ The spiritually accomplished person has certainly overcome his desires many times. This makes his yeitzer hara push back that much more strongly against him.”

The posuk says, “If you will walk in My statutes…”[45] Rashi explains, “The commandment is that we toil in Torah study.”

The Chofeitz Chayim says, “…The commandment is that we toil in Torah study, as it is written, ‘If you will walk in My statutes’” and Chazal explain, “If you will toil Torah.” The promised blessings are for the toil - the effort - even in the end, we have not completely understood what we studied. As the Gemara[46] say, “A man does not come to grasp divrei torah unless he first misunderstands them.” Hashem wants out efforts to study, even if we don’t succeed. This is what we mean when we say, “We toil and receive reward” - because the toil is what Hashem wants from us – “and they toil, but do not receive reward” - because, for them, the toil is not the important thing, but rather the finished product. [47]

With Hashem’s help, in the merit of facing our daily challenges and putting in our sincere effort to acquire the Torah, may He soon fulfill, “Torah shall go forth from Tzion[48] and on that day, the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Hashem’s glory!!![49]

This article is dedicated in loving memory of:

​אלטע סאשע דבורה בת ר' אריה ליבּוּש, מאשה צבי-ה בת ר' שלמה זלמן and that Hashem should help all singles in our nation; by granting them the wisdom, insight and intelligence to find their soul mate that He has designated for them.
[1] Yet, Rabbi David Aaron tells us, “When life gets rough, ask not ‘why’ this is happening to me but ‘what’ this happening is asking of me. In every painful situation choose to find opportunities for growth and humbly reserve judgment of the Master Mind of the universe.”

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See Additional Resources for Toward Understanding Suffering & Adversity (; Longing for Dawn by Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Baifus (; and Maharal, Netzach Yisrael, chapter 36 [ and].

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Yes, there are very good people in the world.  Watch this short video:
It wasn't clear in the video, but Sir Winston saved 669 children, B"H.
Thank you TK for sending us this video.

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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ekev, 14 Av 5777, 6.8.17

The King of kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, Creator of the heavens and the earth, chose the Jewish people to purify themselves, to sanctify themselves and to make the entire world repent. The gentiles who want to convert will convert without interest; will convert from their love of Hashem.

The Holy One, blessed be He, is going to further strengthen the activity of the world's natural elements: heavy mud landslides, earthquakes, buildings will be swallowed up in the earth, fires will continue in the buildings, tsunamis will continue, floods will continue, eruptions of volcanoes, harsh and fierce winds, complications between planes and ships, all to warn all the nations in the world: 'Do not touch my chosen Jewish people, the people I chose, and you better listen to the voice of the Jewish people who live in the Land of Israel!'

The Holy One, blessed be He, pleads, the Holy One, blessed be He, begs the Children of Israel not to assimilate with Gentiles! The Creator is very angry that the chosen people are being destroyed; it reminds him of the primitive serpent, the plot of the snake that struck Eve. Jews, men and women, who live with non-Jews, their souls leave them and they become non-Jews. The assimilation must stop and seven years of prayers are required in order for them to return to their souls. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to the Jews: The goal of the Gentiles is to destroy the chosen people, who the Almighty loves most. The Gentiles intend to defile the daughters of Israel and to destroy the people of Israel, as was the case with Balaam in Shittim

Every mother and father must explain to their sons and daughters that we are a chosen people, and that after the destruction of the First and Second Temple we kept our faith system and holiness in all the communities in the world so as not to assimilate. The Holy One, Blessed be He, says: 'This is my request; this is the main thing: first, not to assimilate with gentiles!' The Holy One, blessed be He, wants His Jewish children to Him, He does not want them in a mess. The Jewish people are a chosen nation, white and clean of multiplicity. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: 'If I wanted the world to be mixed up and complicated, without the Jews I chose, I would do it that way. But I, the King of the Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, chose the Jews from every nation and language on earth, to have a people! So, please, dear Jews, do not assimilate with Gentiles! Jews who live with Gentiles should separate from them unless they are converted. There is not much time left for conversion. When the Messiah comes out in public in the near future, he will separate and split Jewish and Gentile spouses.

Jewish parents, prevent your children from drinking heavily, gambling and drugs.

The Holy One, blessed be He, wants the right and the left Jews to be united with love and respect for each other. There is no Jew on the left or right, who does not do a few mitzvot every day.

The Jews in Israel invent patents, the best medicines, the best agriculture, the best ammunition, the best economy. The Jews are smarter than any other people in the world. The Holy One, Blessed is He, enters only a Jewish brain; the mind of a non-Jew has no soul, and the Creator enters only a pure and holy place.

Dear Jews, The Third Temple will be built in our days! The Messiah has all the plans of the Third Temple. The Arabs go crazy when archaeologists discover more and more that the people of Israel were here thousands of years ago, that they discover the pillars, the foundations of the First Temple and the Second Temple. The Holy One, Blessed be He, proves to everyone, through archeology, that it belongs to the Jewish people! Opens the eyes of the archaeologists and tells them where to dig. The Arabs are afraid that Israel will control them and reveal their lies.

A large proportion of the Arabs with a blue Israeli identity card are more dangerous than the Palestinians around and inside Israel. They are making hundreds and millions of shekels from selling arms and ammunition to the Palestinians. The most difficult thing is that they annoy the Holy One, blessed be He, when they purchase apartments in Jewish settlements and apartments among Jews, they are the most dangerous. They do not recognize what the Jews and the government of Israel are giving them: bread to eat, work and earnings, benefits endlessly, and national insurance gives them hundreds of millions more than Jews in Israel. With all this - they are against the Jews, betray them and harm them in the Land of Israel.

Abu Mazen has given up and continues to despair. He has aged, feels old and is finished. Life is over, barely speaking, barely walking, barely eating, and his children living like princes. A lot of money went to his children and he believes that his job in this world is over, he's right.

Hamas cannot find itself and is confused. They have complications in the Gaza Strip, digging tunnels twenty-four hours a day, and the Holy One, Blessed be He, complicates the directions of the excavations and confuses them. One of the examples: They dug one tunnel in the direction of Israel and suddenly find themselves when they end it and exit it at the Egyptian border. Nevertheless, the Holy One, blessed be He, asks the Israel Defense Forces, whom He loves very much, not to be complacent. Miracles are always there, but when you rely on them, they do not come. When a person makes an effort, a miracle helps.

Egypt has a lot of problems with ISIS and the extremist Muslims, there is heavy hunger. Israel does not rely on Egypt.

Iraq, they have no basis and no power. They are confused, hate each other. They have the heart and brain of an animal, of revenge, destruction and killing.

Europe will be filled with Muslims who will rule it. They hate the Xtians and do not like the Jews. The Europeans are tired of them; they resent and are disgusted with the infiltrators and refugees who have flooded Europe.

In Syria, there will always be killing and complications, this will not stop. All countries around Syria are defending themselves, afraid that ISIS will reach them.

Turkey, ISIS tells Erdogan what to do: All the Jews flee from Turkey to Europe - from there they have to come to the Land of Israel.

The United States and Russia have always had tensions, pressures, pain and trouble between them for many years now, they will not make war between them because they both need each other like a husband and wife, fighting all the time – sometimes in peace and sometimes with quarrels. They will not make war to prevent the destruction of the world.

There will be no Third World War; there will be no Third Intifada, only a Third Temple to be built!

Jordan, King of Jordan - nothing. He is acting as he is against Israel for show, while in fact he is in contact with Israel. All the streams and clans in Jordan - all are against each other.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are fighting against the rebels in Syria, because Lebanon will not let them enter and take territories from it. Thousands are being killed, the ammunition is running out and they are collapsing.

The IDF is bombing all the ammunition coming from Iran to Hezbollah. Let's be smarter and on alert: it is the Almighty who bombs all their ammunition and weapons!

Iran will not do anything against Israel; it is sending arms through the Arab countries to harm Israel.

All the Jews who live abroad and have no job on behalf of the Israeli government: return urgently to the Land of Israel.

All the corrupt people, the thieves, the fraudsters, the zealots and the bribes, from the most religious to the non-religious, from the left and the right - all are revealed.

The Creator of the world cleans and purifies the world, wants the people of Israel to fulfill the Commandments and wants all the rich in Israel to donate to the needy, yeshivas and Torah scholars, kollels and mikvahs.

Invest and build houses in the Holy Land! All the buyers of homes in Europe and the United States: the day will come when the Muslims will take their homes, the law will not help them, there is no law, sell everything and invest in the holy land of Israel. Build the Negev, the Western Galilee and the Golan Heights, Samaria and Binyamin, the Arava and the Jordan Valley.

Our righteous Messiah protects and guards the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces and the Holy Land. Even when he rests a few hours at night, his soul protects the Holy Land. The vast majority of Jews in Israel and most of the gentiles in the world know that the Messiah is here. There are those who do not want to bend over to our righteous Messiah, because they do not want to change their character, but want to stay with the evil inclination in their bodies; they are loyal to the Yetzer Harah. Every Jew knows in his heart who the Messiah is. Those who are waiting and waiting for the Messiah - even though he will delay - are the first to merit being next to Moshiach Tzidkenu (our righteous Messiah).

The Creator is the best Father and Educator in the world. The Earth and the Jews on Earth are a very complicated school and the Creator of the world, our Father in Heaven is both father and Teacher and guides us.

Our Father in Heaven gives things to the Jews - not easily, because in order to reach every good thing one has to make an effort. The Holy One, blessed be He, makes it difficult for the people of Israel to bring the Messiah out in public, so that the Jews will appreciate very much what the Messiah is. The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants the people of Israel to struggle, pray, learn Torah, and ask the Creator of the Universe for the King Messiah. Then the Messiah will soon be out in public!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Readers’ and My Response to My Interview on Israel News Talk Radio

I received many responses to my interview, both as comments and personal Emails. I must start out by saying: I am so proud of my readers. I am truly blessed with meeting some super people because of this blog. What was the most consistent response that I got, that put such a smile on my face? My readers complained about my spontaneous answers to the questions I was hit with during the interview. Readers telling me that after reading my blog for years, they knew that I knew better, and that I gave weak answers during the interview. That makes me feel so good to know that my readers are recognizing the absolute truth when they hear it.

Rather than go through all the responses that I received and that I am continuing to receive, let me review some of the questions that I fell short of, as though I haven’t read my own blog (I really need my readers to keep me honest).

This is in no particular order; it is just as I remember from the interview and from my dear readers’ responses.

In talking about Torah codes, I was told that there are many possible responses that will be based on the free will of people. That is not true since Hashem is not in “time,” He is infinite and knows everything that was, is and will be. That means that every thought they we will have, every word that we will say and every action that we will perform is known to Hashem. When He wrote the Torah and put everything in it, Hashem saw every free will decision that we will make in the future and the outcome of every situation that we have yet to influence. The Torah doesn’t tell us all the possibilities. It tells us exactly what will happen, what will be the final results.

If you read my post of 12 June 2013 entitled: “Sources of Absolute Truth”  you will understand that the Torah is the genetic code, the blueprint for the universe and all that is in the universe, including each of us. If I do a DNA study of a single cell, it does not give me all the possibilities for the organism that will grow from that cell; it is the actual blueprint from which the cell will reproduce. A cell from a baby tells me in the DNA code what will be the hair color, the eye color, the shape of the head, etc, etc, etc. It only has one pattern that it follows and that is the program of the DNA.

The Torah was seen by Hashem two thousand years before creation (a reference to our timeframe, not His) and put down in the 304,805 letters exactly how the universe will be and how history of everything will happen. We don’t look into Torah codes to find information; we are seeing the script that we are living. If it is not in the genetic code which is Torah, it will not happen. We are living our lives according to the string of letters of the Torah. Of course, as I said, it already includes all decisions we have yet to make.

Another subject that I was queried on was that since there are so many Buddhists or Hindus or even devout Xtians that are good people, am I saying that they won’t make it to the 1/3rd group, just because they are involved in idolatry of sorts? First of all, let us define a good person. If I look at the Ten Commandments as a guide, the first five are between people and Hashem and the second five are between people and people. That means that if someone is involved in any way at all with the abomination of idolatry, they are in the Eyes of Hashem not living the commandments. By definition, they are not good people. Hashem gave us all our instructions in this world on how to be totally happy and successful. It involves a love for our fellow human beings, but it cannot in any way deviate from our love of Hashem, the One who gave us life.

Let us not go by our flawed human logic in this upside-down fantasy world to determine what the absolute truth is and what human nonsense is. Hashem is the only source of goodness. If we want to be called a “good person,” it has to be by Hashem’s standards, not ours. Come Judgment Day when we get our report card for how well we lived on planet Earth and what we deserve, measure for measure for our eternal life, it will only be by Hashem’s judgment, not by human standards.

There is so much about Nibiru that I could say, but I really believed the most important point was missed. Hashem created Nibiru, Hashem told us all about Nibiru in our scriptures, especially its role in bringing the worldwide redemption, and Hashem is controlling Nibiru exactly according to His will. For us to question whether it exists is total nonsense considering I found it 409 times in the Bible. It is almost like saying: if I have not seen Nibiru, it does not exist. With that attitude why would anyone believe in gravity, just because Hashem told us about gravity? The obvious answer is: “but, I can see the effects of gravity; I am not floating around.” So, I would have to ask: does that mean all the crazy unexplained gravitational and magnetic effects of Nibiru disappear just because we haven’t seen them?

By the way, there is a full solar eclipse to happen on 21 Aug (Rosh Chodesh Elul). It will be seen as a total eclipse in the US from the Northwest to the Southeast. For a few minutes it is predicted that Nibiru which is near the sun will be visible during the time of the total eclipse, when the sun is completely covered. Be careful not to look at the sun when it is not fully covered. Even a small area of sun can be dangerous to look at.
I was questioned about the validity of the messages from the Facilitated Communications individuals. Once again like gravity if we don’t personally know all that has happened, it doesn’t go away. I have said numerous times: whether we believe it or not, the truth doesn’t go away. I mentioned that I have been paying attention to these beautiful souls since 1997, 20 years. Not occasionally but reading and analyzing every message that they have given us (or should I say Hashem has given us.

If you want very informative information, there are two books that I have (there may be more, but I don’t have them yet), that tell the truth about this phenomenon of individuals who are physically in this world, but are spiritually connected with the real world and Hashem, its Proprietor. The books even talk about connections that have been made with people in comas or, believe it or not, an 18 month old baby, who physically was not verbal yet, but whose soul is thousands of years old and totally aware of all. The books are “Secrets of the Soul,” and “Galia, Messages from Heaven.” Both books make you a believer of the FC technique and its possibilities.

Let me tell you of an incident with Galia, a Down syndrome girl who until she was 11 years old never communicated with her family. When her mother heard about the possibility of conversing with her daughter, she immediately set up a session. The mother was very nervous at the possibility of having a conversation with a daughter she loved dearly, but had never talked to. The mother came to the session and reached in her handbag for the list of questions she had written at home to ask Galia. The mother realized she had forgotten to take the list, but Galia told her mother through the facilitator, not to worry. Galia answered the entire list of questions in the order that the mother wrote them, without the mother asking one question.

I have two friends who know the Golden family very well and their son Binyamin who I have quoted numerous times. One of my friends told me the same type of story. When his father wants to ask Binyamin a question, if he is already with a facilitator, Binyamin has the answer already tapped out before the father asks the question. When people ask Binyamin a question, very often he will answer with “Hashem has not told him the answer to that question,” therefore he doesn’t have an answer. Binyamin is the one who told us that the redemption was to take place in 5776, but Hashem told him that we were not ready and needed more time to do repentance. Am I saying that Hashem didn’t know we wouldn’t be ready? Absolutely not. Hashem caused us to do more repentance by telling us it was 5776 and then giving us more time. Everything that Hashem does is for our benefit; we need only to take advantage of it.

Since I always like to ask the question: What does Hashem have to say about the FC individuals? The answer is in the Talmud, Bava Basra 12, which says that after the prophets were no more, prophecy will be given to the children and the Shotim (the translation of which gives a connotation of an individual who cannot talk). We also have in the Torah in Parshah Shoftim, the test for prophecy. If an individual consistently tells of things that will happen and they come true, the messages came from Hashem. Hashem controls the charlatans of this world who make money by predicting. They guess at many, many predictions and then when something just happens to work, even though it is as vague as can be, they advertise their prediction and hide all the mistakes they made.

The predictions of Galia, Daniel, Menachem (not me), Moishele, Binyamin and others have been spot on for decades. No guessing, just very definite connections with Hashem.

When Hashem sends us messages, we should never think “we know better.” There is nothing more beneficial to our lives than studying Hashem’s ways, His Torah, hearing His daily updates on what is going on and living our lives according to the absolute truth we are being told.

I tried in the interview to only talk about what has already transpired. It was misunderstood when I was told, “we will see if these sources happen.” I was only talking about decades of events and categories of the truth that HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED (PAST TENSE). I never got into what I feel is coming up since I was not believed in what Hashem has already told us about the past that was 100% accurate.

As an example, I am presently working on connecting the dots of events happening in the world and verses in the Bible that very much appear as prophecy, once again, being fulfilled. I have learned my lesson and will not even disclose this information until it is much more proven and not just a very good possibility. I know that any time I say that I found a possibility and it doesn’t happen exactly the way I mentioned, there are those who do no research but who are always ready to tell me “you don’t know what you are doing.” Why do I continue to probe possibilities? For one and only one reason, to try to give my readers a hint about how much time we have until the game is over. Judgment Day is close. I call it the “The Too-Late-Date.”

It says in the end of the prophet Daniel that “the end is sealed until it is time.” We are not to know exactly when Moshiach will be announced since most would stop everything and just wait for the time. The most important repentance, prayer, helping others, learning Torah and doing the commandments is now before the too-late-date. It is not a time to relax and wait; it is a vital time to step up the action of coming closer to Hashem. An effort now means a better eternal life for each of us and our loved ones.

Yes, the time is close. When? I am not a prophet but I do see great signs of all being done by Rosh Hashanah. That means the month of Av or at the latest that month of Elul. We must always believe that it is today. I said by Rosh Hashanah not on Rosh Hashanah, probably long before. That means that everything might be done by then. When is the most important day to us, the too-late-date? Treat it as tomorrow at the latest. The Talmud tells us that we should do repentance on day before we die. Since we don’t know our last day on Earth, it means today we must do the best repentance, the best improvement, the best correction possible. We must treat tomorrow as the too-late-date. Today is our last chance for a tremendous eternity. Today is our last chance to sign up for the 1/3rd group.

Don’t mess with fate, especially since Hashem has given us the greatest opportunity to happiness beyond our wildest human imagination. Hashem told us in His Torah, Deuteronomy 30:19 - 20:

19 This day, I call upon the heaven and the earth as witnesses [that I have warned] you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. You shall choose life, so that you and your offspring will live;
20 To love the L-rd your G-d, to listen to His voice, and to cleave to Him. For that is your life and the length of your days, to dwell on the land which the L-rd swore to your forefathers to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob to give to them.
Now you heard it directly from Hashem. It is truly the only way to go from this second on. To my dear readers: keep up the good work; you will be so, so happy you did.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Interview on Israel News Talk Radio

Yesterday I represented the Absolute Truth on Israel News Talk Radio with Tamar Yonah. The subject that I tried to cover was The Upcoming Worldwide Redemption and the Proof of it being Imminent. I thank her for having me on. I have gotten replies from my readers including those who were not available to listen, but wanted to hear the interview.

This is the recording from Israel News Talk Radio. My actual interview doesn’t start until 8 minutes into the recording:

I feel like my interview was very short. I was trying to disclose thousands of hours of research which has yielded extremely positive results in about 20 minutes. There were many loose ends, questions that were not handled completely. I apologize for these loose ends and will be working on clearing up the confusion, giving better answers today.

I requested that the show would be prerecorded to avoid listeners from calling in. Most of my regular readers know that I do not like to answer questions off the top of my head, but believe my readers deserve research time on my part to give a very comprehensive and complete answer. It is so important for questions to be handled with complete accuracy, since it is in preparation for our upcoming new life in the time of the Messiah, the time of the worldwide redemption. My research and this blog serves the purpose of helping as many people reach the best possible eternal future that each of us as individuals can achieve. Therefore I take answering questions very seriously. It means a lot to you my readers and your loved ones.

Listen to the recording and ask anything you wish to clarify what was said in the interview. Meanwhile I will be working on better answers for some of the issues that were brought up in the interview. My quick answers were inadequate. Hopefully, I will have this follow-up posted on this blog by tomorrow, B”N.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Absolute Truth on Israel News Talk Radio

Today at about 8:15 PM Israel time, 1:15 PM EDT, I will be interviewed on Israel News Talk Radio, with Tamar Yonah. The subject is: The Worldwide Redemption is Happening NOW. Go to: 

This was prerecorded, but as always, my readers can always ask questions by sending comment here, or private Emails at:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Arab Terror – Is There Any Hope?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Once again, we are engulfed in a wave of brutal and savage Arab Terror. Is there any consolation?

The Talmud in Sanhedrin states that before the arrival of Moshiach, we will experience a period of pain and suffering called the CHEVLEI Moshiach. Literally, this means the birth pangs of Moshiach. It is an interesting choice of words. We understand that the prelude to Moshiach will be painful, a time of war and worldwide terrorism, but why the metaphor of birth pangs?

On a simple level, we can say that this metaphor is meant to describe the pattern of the Messianic tribulations. When a woman goes into labor, the contractions are light, few and far between. The pain is not so severe yet. But then, as the birth comes closer, the contractions become more painful, and they start coming with greater frequency and lasting much longer. As the labor goes into its final stages, the contractions start to come minutes apart, and they are long, and extremely painful. And then, when it seems that the pain would be unbearable, the child is born.

In the same way, the birth pangs of Moshiach become more frequent, more intense, and more painful as we reach the final phase. And then, when it seems that anymore pain would be unbearable, Moshiach will arrive, and our troubles will be over. This is certainly what we are experiencing today. The pain and suffering of Arab terror are more frequent, more intense, more brutal and more painful. Perhaps we are in the final phase of the birth of Moshiach. The proof is in the painful birth pangs of worldwide terrorism, which is becoming more frequent and more savage.

The Maharal offers a Kabbalistic insight into the metaphor of the birth pangs of Moshiach. A child growing in the mother's womb is living in a world of his own, that bears no resemblance to the outside world. His life processes, his eating and drinking, are all controlled by his umbilical cord connected to his mother. His perceptions and sensations are all controlled by the dark, limited world of the womb.

And then she is born, and she emerges into a world that is completely different from anything she has experienced in the womb. Everything is new and exciting. Everything is different. It is a new and wonderful existence.

In the same way, says the Maharal, the arrival of Moshiach will be like the birth of a child. We will emerge from our troubled world, with all its perceptions, attitudes and problems, into a new world that is completely different from anything we have ever known. The arrival of Moshiach will not just bring major new changes. It will bring us, like new born babies, into a brave and wonderful new world, without troubles and problems.

In what way will the world of Moshiach be different from our tragic and pain filled world? Stay tuned! The best is yet to come.

Tu B’Av - Our Greatest Yom Tov?
By Rav Sprecher

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Where does "Palestine" come from?

Watch this excellent video about “ISRAEL and PALESTINE: The Words that turned history upside down” by Yehudit Shier Weisberg

This presentation is totally accurate. It lets us know why Israel is by international law from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Such agreements as the UN Resolutions, the Oslo Accords and other agreements do not by international law override the San Remo Treaty, and therefore are not binding (or even legal). Therefore, all the land in Israel is Jewish land. The only occupied land in Israel is Jewish land that Arabs are claiming is theirs. Even according to the Geneva Convention if a country is attacked and wins the war the land remains with the sovereign nation. The only reason that the world thinks we should give the Arabs land is out of Jew hatred. Of course, Hashem, Who is the true Owner of the land, has made it very clear to whom He gave it.

The fact is the Arabs have 650 times the land that the Jews own. They have never said in Arabic that they want the land, they just want all the Jews and other non-Muslim people DEAD. The popular expression in Arabic is: “First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” They have not been too successful with us Saturday people, but they are having a good time taking over the US, Europe, etc. It is unfortunate that the Jew-hating world believes the nonsensical propaganda of the Arabs, and in turn are facilitating their own demise (the end of the Sunday people). Hashem at work.

So far as the statement that before 1948 the Palestinians were the Jews, I still have Jewish neighbors who were born before 1948 who can verify the fact. I have one neighbor who told me how the Arabs refused to be called Palestinians before 1948, in the same way today many Arabs don’t want to be called Israelis.

What is coming up in the near future? Israel will be much, much larger than it is today. Hashem’s plan to return the Jews and the lost tribes to Israel will require much land. Moshe was told the borders in the Torah, which includes certain Arab countries. Even international law will be null and void when Moshiach is announced as King. The land will all be according to Hashem’s law – the Torah, B”H.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Good Shabbat

Buen Shabat

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Va’eschanan, 7 Av 5777, 30.7.17

Our Father in Heaven and in Israel, King of the Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, leads His world, the earth and all the worlds in heaven. Everything that is happening in the whole world - these are the ten plagues that were in Egypt. The Holy One, blessed be He, gives blows in the so-called modern world, several times stronger and more than the plagues of Egypt. The Holy One, Blessed be He, gives the most severe blows in all the countries of the world, whether it is floods and rains, blaze and fires, harsh winds and storms, earthquakes, conflicts within and between countries, confusing the whole world. No one knows who is against whom, who is telling the truth, who is lying, no one believes in anyone; all day long they suspect and suspect. All this is done by the Holy One, blessed be He, so that the nations of the world will wake up and stop interfering with the Holy Land and the Jews who live in the Holy Land, and begin to respect the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel.

Those who oppose the request of the Creator, who oppose the Holy Land of Israel where the Jews live, will bring upon themselves hard blows, fires and inferno. Everything is burning among them as in Sodom and Gomorrah, as in the generation of the flood, because the Creator of the world wants their good and they go against the Creator and against the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel. If they will not surrender, the Holy One, blessed be He, will ultimately defeat them. It is worthwhile for all the nations to surrender and realize once and for all that the Holy Land of Israel where the Jews live revives the entire world, finances the whole world and protects the entire world. Anyone who will continue to go against the Land of Israel will disappear from the world. It is happening now, in this period, everything is real and genuine!

Turkey, ISIS is threatening Erdogan, telling him to speak against Israel, if not, he will be killed. Erdogan is in terrible confusion, there is a big mess in Turkey from all directions. Erdogan is in despair, in fear and horror. Despair will pressure him to do himself harm. He will disappear from the world.

The Temple Mount, the Holy One, blessed be He, shows to the Jews all the signs from two thousand years ago, obvious signs, and the people of Israel don’t see them all. The people of Israel are complacent, lacking faith and say that this is not the time of redemption, of Messiah and of the Third Temple. The Creator says: 'It's a shame that you think so. 'He says to them: 'I will go ahead with whatever I want. Messiah is working and acting and the Temple will be built in the near future. Leave the materiel stuff, and stop hanging around the money. Leave the money, leave the money! Leave the vanities of the world and stick to the Master of the Universe!’

The Arabs have prophets and sorcerers from the power of impurity, who know that they are in great distress and they prophesy the power of impurity and say to them: 'You have no place in Jerusalem, on the Temple Mount! That's the place of the Jews!' This is the reason everyone is going wild and wants to be present.

Abu Mazen pulls the strings.

Government of Israel: do not to give in to the requests of the gentiles, do not listen to them or to other countries, all are Muslims. The countries are mostly Muslim. The Creator of the Universe asks the Government of Israel not to surrender! Do preserve the holy places, to preserve the Western Wall and its environs. Messiah must be revealed – there is no return! The Temple should be built – there is no return! The Holy One, blessed be He, will soon show clear signs of the First and Second Temples, and the revelation will lead to the building of the Third Temple!

Our government, even though they took all the cameras down, wanted it to be quiet and did not want disturbances. There is no point to be afraid of them; they will not succeed in doing anything! The government of Israel and all Knesset members, right and left, all Jews in the Land of Israel, right and left must be united and unified in one heart. The Holy One, blessed be He, says that there is no real Jew who has not performed one particular mitzvah (good deed) in all his life!

The IDF is strong! Orders must be given from above, to find all the terrorists, ammunition and weapons in East Jerusalem and around the Temple Mount.

Some of the Arabs with blue identity cards are very dangerous. They enter freely everywhere in the Land of Israel.

Jordan, the king thinks Netanyahu is not smart enough.

Netanyahu is very smart, makes it step by step, walks between the drops, and prefers that all will be quiet; he is not a prophet. He knows we cannot trust them, so he quickly released the security guard who protected him in Jordan. If they were late one hour, he could not leave Jordan because there were Hamas, ISIS, and Palestinians, everything mixed up. If his exit was delayed by one hour, he never could leave.

Syria is still being destroyed and destroyed, it is being hit; there will never be good in Syria again.

Russia wants to settle in Syria, to earn another country in the Middle East.

Hamas and the Palestinians are laughing and happy, thinking that they won the Temple Mount, that they supposedly received what they wanted. The Holy One, blessed be He, says to them: 'This is a Divine process; this is what I wanted to do!' The Creator is asking us not to be angry with the Prime Minister and not with the members of the Knesset, the Shin Bet, the Mossad and the Israel Defense Forces, for the Holy One, blessed be He, guides them, even though they do not feel it and everyone thinks he has made his own decision.

The Arab villages in Israel have a lot of weapons and ammunition; the Shin Bet and the Mossad have discovered a lot, and there are many more, the terrorists receive a briefing from Abu Mazen; he has messengers in Jerusalem and Hebron. He is playing the one who feels miserable, but he is organizing all.

The United States, Trump is preoccupied with his affairs, says the Holy One, Blessed is He: "Anyone who interferes with the Jews in the holy Land of Israel will be beaten hard by the Creator of the world – with the ten plagues."

Iraq, there is no peace; there will be no peace. ISIS is rooted there, everything is mixed up, and everyone is against everyone else.

Egypt, Sisi was careful, hiding so not to be hurt. The extremist Muslims are gaining momentum in Egypt; the hunger is heavy. Once there was a heavy hunger all over the world and in Egypt there was food, today it is the opposite. Sisi must protect himself very much and to be very careful not to mess with Hamas, so long as he loves the holy Land of Israel and the Jews in the land of Israel, no harm will befall him.

Qatar will receive a very serious blow because it supports terrorism.

Saudi Arabia is quiet because it has big business with the US.

Iran is supported by Russia, and the US is against Iran. Iran is scared to death of Israel, and is indirectly dealing with Israel.

Lebanon does not agree with Hezbollah, and does not give him freedom.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah do not have a spine; they are broken and crushed and will be wiped off the world day after day.

The security forces must guard the borders of the north and the Gaza Strip, they continue to dig as usual, May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken.

Jews in Europe, the United States and everywhere: go to the Holy Land urgently; the Creator calls you; do not try the Holy One, Blessed is He, shame on your life. Stop investing and building houses outside of Israel. You invest and prepare homes for Muslims and refugees who are going to conquer Europe and live in your own homes that you bought with your own money. Investing in the Holy Land is a great mitzvah. Invest abroad - it's a misdemeanor.

Real estate in the Land of Israel will never stop, construction will continue forever, roads, homes and businesses.

All the white-collar, the one who take bribes, thieves and lewd men, will be caught naked.

Jewish parents, keep your children away from assimilation, drugs, gambling and drinking

Messiah acts and works, turns around twenty-four hours a day; he protects the walls of Jerusalem; he protects Israel's borders. Most of them know him, Jews and Gentiles; some are afraid to discover him. Clear signs speak of the Messiah. The Messiah is in our time, in our generation, and will be revealed any moment! We are waiting for the Holy One, blessed be He, to open the revelation of the King Messiah in public; there is no return! There is a war for the Temple Mount; the Holy One, blessed be He, will turn the tables around and the building of the Third Temple will begin!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Inner Dimensions of Tisha B'av

Watch this fascinating video from Rabbi Akiva Tatz. He discusses a much deeper meaning to Tisha B'av, why we lost the Temple and the miracles that followed for the past 1949 years.

Note: This can be watched today, Tisha B'av. Enjoy and learn:

The Inner Dimensions of Tisha B'av