Wednesday, October 19, 2016

See You Next Week

On Sunday my computer died. The computer repair person does not work on the holidays, so it will be next week before I am back in business.  Comments and Emails also will not be reviewed until I get my computer repaired.

Enjoy the remainder of the holidays, and see you next week.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kabbalistic Secrets of Sukkot, and Some Excellent End Times Advice

A very interesting video from showing how we are in the process of going form Judgement to a time of mercy:

With that may happen during Sukkot one would question are we not experiencing the end of the end? Is this week going to be the worst of the chaos in the world resulting in the message that Hashem sent to us through Menachem the Facilitated Communications individual:
Listen, this is serious. We don't have much time. The truth is, the time is finished; now we're going over to another era. By the end of the holidays, you won't be able to recognize the world; it has been a clear process.
Yes, we are probably in our final days of doing Teshuvah. Make the absolute best of it. Be with Hashem this week in every way you can. This will probably be a Sukkot to remember, like no other every experienced in world history. Let us enjoy it and come out as happy as can be. Let this year’s Simchat Torah truly be just that a Simchat Torah.
Please read an excellent post on Tomer Devorah:

Parashat Ha'azinu 5777 - Rabbi Pinchas Winston

Every Jew should realize how extremely important it is to be doing the commandments and improving the way we do the commandments – time is definitely running out.

But there is a very important message from Rabbi Winston that is not being said outright. His message about how non-Jews complain that they did not get the 613 commandments alludes to the fact that every non-Jew has been given the seven Noachide commandments. Being very stringent about those seven is as important to our Noachide friends as the 613 are to the Jews. It is what Hashem wants from each of us, and now is the time to do our best. It is the best way to come closer to Hashem, and get the best Tikun for our eternal life, no matter who you are.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Footsteps of Angels: Yom Kippur

Another very inspiring video from Harry Rothenberg:

If you are having trouble opening this video, go to:

I have mentioned many times that prayer works. I have personally had many miracles in my life by just turning to Hashem and relying on Him to get me through a rough situation. Within the past few days there was a very subtle miracle that occurred that went completely unnoticed. I mentioned last week that Hurricane Matthew had a strange path. It was going up towards Florida and plotted to continue to the Carolinas. Then it was on a path to turn around and go back towards Florida. The FOX network prediction even showed it increasing in strength to about 140 mph.

As it arrived at its northern most point, it changed direction and went out into the Atlantic. What caused such a change to the original path? My guess is: Prayer!!! I have seen other situations in the past that an event was due to happen that could have been devastating, and at the last minute Hashem changed the path. He knew all along the way it would happen, but we needed to be aware that by simply turning to Him, we could be out of imminent danger.

Prayer works and there is no negative decree that has to happen. All it requires is people turning to Hashem. Hashem wants us to rely on Him, and He tests us by putting us in a dire situation just to get us to turn to Him for help.

Tomorrow, a day of turning to Hashem is such a beautiful opportunity to, with full faith and trust, acknowledge that devastation is coming to planet Earth, and that the only way to survive and thrive is turning to Hashem. Is there any doubt that all this should be happening so close to Yom Kippur? Is it not obvious that Hashem is giving us a wonderful gift of a day of atonement for our sins just before we need Him the most? Could the message be any stronger that Hashem is the only source of protection from the upcoming craziness?

Let us pray as we never have, with tears in our eyes. Let us turn to Hashem as we never have with complete confidence in Him. Let us take this gift from Hashem and solve this final testing that will give us the best Tikun possible and an eternal life beyond comprehension.

Have an easy fast, and a very successful day of turning to Hashem.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Debris Field Around the Moon

I received some very interesting videos taken by amateurs, who don’t have a clue what they are seeing. The most interesting video was of the moon. It seems to be surrounded by the debris field that is ahead of the star, Nibiru.

I have heard different estimates about how far away Nibiru will be when it passes by the Earth. The most interesting and probably the most accurate came from one to the Facilitated Communications individuals. He said that it will pass about the same distance as the moon, which is close to 240,000 miles away, and I take that as a message from Hashem.

Here is a picture captured from the video showing the many meteors, asteroids, rocks engulfing the moon:

What is most intriguing about all this is that the debris field is estimated at about a million miles in front of Nibiru and possibly several million miles following. If it is a million or so miles and the debris field is here, then by simply knowing the speed of Nibiru, one can calculate the final fly-by that we have been anticipating.

I do have an approximate speed, but giving you such information would create a very big problem. According to Numbers 24:17 commentary, the star is equated with Moshiach and in essence will come at the same time that Moshiach will be introduced to the world. Since I am not Eliyahu Hanavi, for me to say my estimate of when Nibiru will approach, may be telling you when Moshiach will be announced, and that is totally forbidden. For me to repeat what Ben Golden said that it is soon, literally, would be the best that I could offer at this time.

Why am I even bothering to mention this without being able to say specifics? Because we are two days from Yom Kippur, the end of the ten days of repentance, and it is very exciting that we received a message from Hashem that He wanted to give us extra time to help us. This extra time is short but very, very important to our entire eternal future. There is no such thing as coincidence. To see the extra time to do the best Teshuvah coming to an end with a very significant sign that the great and awesome day of Hashem, Judgement day, is rapidly approaching, is all exciting.

Please, please, please take this seriously. We may be so close that next week when we sit in our Sukkahs we may be in the wonderful world of goodness and truth. Does this indicate that the time of Gog and Magog during Sukkot may not happen? Actually, it may be an indication that it will happen, but in a very different way than expected. The debris field will continue for millions of miles and who know how long (I know, Hashem knows since it is His plan) after the Nibiru closest approach. Will this be a good opportunity for the cowards of the global elite to be in their underground fortresses, while directing a worldwide war above? There is so much talk about the buildup of troops getting ready for the big one, that this may be the thinking of the evil ones, who want to eliminate 93% of the world population. The tremendous world upheaval (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, pole shifting, etc) at the same time a war ensues may be what they are counting on to finish the job.

I know this sounds evil, and I have been accused of fear mongering (and will probably get it again), but the much bigger question is: will this be the fulfillment of Zechariah 13:8 and the end of Malachi? If this is a definite sign of the completion of Hashem’s plan to bring about a wonderful world of goodness and peace, it behooves us to take this all seriously and use these next couple of days to make absolutely sure that we and our loved ones are in the 1/3rd group.

One last note to the ignoramuses, who are writing nasty and meaningless comments to me (which of course are not being posted). I know how difficult it is to try to save your lives, especially when you lack of Torah knowledge far exceeds your common sense. No, I don’t expect to reach you, especially since most of the comments are coming from individuals who don’t even read my blog, they just judge me and my intentions without any regard to themselves or their loved ones (I always hope the each ridiculous comment that I get comes from someone who is not married and doesn’t have children, who they are condemning to a hellish future). It does seem crazy for me to be more concerned about your welfare and your future than you are, but that is what Hashem wants from me. My Torah instructions are clear – your lack of Torah is also clear. As I have said many times: Ignorance is not bliss; it is extremely dangerous.

One last message: if you disagree with what I say, or you just don’t like me (even though I am so concerned about you), your choice of being an internet coward, calling yourself Anonymous and sending me a nasty comment is perhaps the stupidest thing you can do. I have mentioned that Hashem reads all my Email and judges each one of us according to how we act and treat others. The fastest way to bring on disaster to you and your loved ones would be to continue your evil ways. It is your decision. You also have an alternative. Write me a private Email to ask questions, ask for clarification or even if you think that I am your whipping boy, it is OK. Let me help you. Your entire eternity is at stake; I have that in writing from the One Who created us and is also the One Who is setting up our eternity. Another possibility is: don’t read my blog. If it offends you so, why would you continue to shoot yourself in the foot with your dangerous comments?

My Email is: Please, stop the cowardly approach. If you really want to say something to me, it should be something that you would say to my face. Hiding behind a computer does not hide you from Hashem, the One who will punish you. There is a big difference between a wise man and a wise guy. Think about it.

I am not publishing any negative comments, even from some of my favorite readers. Once again, if you disagree with something presented, Email me and question it. It is better than being disappointed that I ignored your comment (which helps no one).

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Message to Israel and US; Hurricane Matthew in Bible Code

Watch this very interesting video from Rav Glazerson about Hurricane Matthew:

I have talked before about how countries get punished when they decide to hurt Israel. Go to my post of 12 Jan 2014, entitled: Measure for Measure or How to Change the Weather in the US

We have also heard numerous times from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that any country or leader who wants to take one inch of Israel will receive retribution.

Recently, Israel announced construction plans in the Jewish city of Shiloh. The Arab propaganda started, that we want to build in Arab territory. First there is no Arab territory, since by international law all of Israel belongs to the Jews. But, when they tell us we can’t build in an existing Israeli city (not a settlement, since the Jews have been in Shiloh for thousands of years), Hashem gives retribution. The problem isn’t the Arabs, it is the United States of Magog, with its Muslim leader, Obumer, the UN (Unbelievable Nonsense) and the EU have all decided what Israel is allowed to do with its own land.

Hence, we have hurricane Matthew doing much damage and not finished yet. There is a path that the hurricane it taking that is against nature, even miraculous. After it travels up the East coast a bit more, it will start to turn and head south again, and is likely to strengthen as it gets completely over the ocean again. Where will it go? Hashem has His plans.

Don’t mess with Israel, and definitely don’t mess with Hashem.