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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shlita, Parashat Shemot, 17 Tevet 5777 (15.1.17)


The Creator of the world, Leader of the world, the whole world belongs to Him, He created it for His glory. If someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the Creator creating us for His glory, I will explain: a person will do what the Creator wants; all the best wanted by this person, he will receive easily and without effort. If we don't do the will of Hashem, He will not do what we want, we will have difficult times and we will have to suffer a lot for all our demands. To succeed in marriage, income, health and every good thing a person wants to have, he must first try 100% to keep the commandments.

The existence of the commandments, is a key part of every Jew (man and woman), this is the redemption of men in this world. This is incredible abundance of wealth. We need to teach our children to observe the commandments, to grow to be clean and pure, without any doubt. No matter within what school they are learning, religious or not, no Jewish mother and father want their children to go the wrong way. Therefore, following the commandments is for everyone; it's an opening to all salvation, miracles and successes.

We Jews pray the Shemoneh Esreh three times a day, and pray grace and mention in each the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the first blessing of the Shmoney Esreh we say their names! Please bring wisdom, intelligence and understanding dear Jews, if we pray and mention Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, three times a day, so why are you not going to the tomb of the Patriarchs? That's what the Holy One is asking you. Come to the tomb of the Patriarchs; meet the Holy fathers and the Holy One from close. Jacob made Joseph promise him that he will bury him in the tomb of the Patriarchs and not in the impure land of the goyim, and Joseph made the sons of Israel promise that they will submerge his coffin and that they will take it back to the land of Israel.

The whole world, except for the land of Israel, is in a big confusion, chaos and Gog and Magog. One kills the other, one destroys the other, one dominates the other, one wants to take the other's job-like this is the end of the world and there is no tomorrow. Seven and a half billion people in the world don't trust each other, except the Jews in the Land of Israel. Creator did this so they will leave in peace, and join the Jews living in the Holy Land, so they will stop bothering the people Israel, and will stop their plans to take parts of the land of Israel. Woe the spirit and the soul of a person, state or country who would want to take parts of Israel; Heaven will not have pity on them; they will see how the Creator will take care of them. If people don't understand there's redemption and that the Messiah is acting and working, let them understand now.

Unfortunately, some small part in Israel is learning from the goyim. The Creator is asking to never disturb Him in the courts of the land of Israel. The Creator controls all the judges in the land of Israel; show to the judges what's true and what's false.

The Jews, who live abroad, go without a yarmulke so to not be recognized. They prefer to go without yarmulkes, with earrings and costumes, than to come to the land of Israel.

The Creator tells them: '' I will continue to bring refugees, Isis and anti-Semitism in Europe, North and South America and all over the world, to expel you from the foreign soil, to bring you to the land of Israel and to build the third Temple. After the first and second temples were destroyed, I dispersed you all over the world and now I am calling you. Like it or not, I will bring you to the land of Israel. Anti-Semitism will reject you. It will not stop, only grow and grow and you will run away without a single Euro in your pocket! Don’t mess with the Holy One, better not, you will not win.

There are 120 members in the Knesset and they are fighting for chairs in Parliament. Instead of dealing with the State problems, the economy and education, they are looking to bring down each other.

The assimilation of Jews must stop immediately! There are some that are really converting and others that are not. Those who are not really converting are against the Holy Land, and because of them there are problems in the land of Israel.

In the land of Israel all is good and nothing is missing. Real estate will continue to be active, lots and buildings, nothing will stop for ever. They settle the Negev, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Benjamin and Judah. Millions of Jews will arrive to the land of Israel; the goyim will help them and banish them from the lands outside of Israel. The people of Israel are stubborn, the Holy One is more stubborn.

The new President of the USA, Trump has a lot of work to make peace in the world. The President leaving made a lot of problems and troubles to obstruct Trump. Hillary and Obama received the shock of their lives when Trump was elected; they are hurting in a way that will not leave them for many years, and this is the hand of the Holy One. For the new President Trump, it will be difficult in the first six months, then everything will flow. The great miracle that he believes in the Holy One with closed eyes! He is doing all the things that are right and true.

Syria Will continue to be destroyed and destroyed, until infinity.

Iraq Same thing.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah Collapse, every day will collapse more. The IDF must be very vigilant so they will not receive arms from Iran, because these are dangerous weapon.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Isis are killing each other, everybody wants to control. They get a lot of money. There are power failures and problem with rain, because they continue to dig. They have lots of missiles in tunnels in the direction of the center of Israel. Their plan is to surprise G-d forbid.

Egypt, if Sissi will not be serious, radical Islam will hurt him. Sissi needs to worry only about Egypt and not about other countries.

In the Sinai desert many clans and groups are involved with everyone wanting control. Tons of contraband and a lot of money are involved there, a lot of ammunition and rockets. Isis lives and grows in the desert of Sinai.

Jordan, everything there is like a big mess with the refugees. There is support for Abbas and hope that he will establish a Palestinian State.

Mahmoud Abbas is speaking as if he were innocent, compassionate and kind. But he advocates harming Jews and sending murderers to kill Jews.

The Holy One says to the Jews, watch your lives, and from Heaven I will watch you. The Holy One says to the Jews not to believe Arabs and Abu Mazen, they don't want peace; they want you to be their slaves.

France is making a conference to establish a Palestinian state. Their plans are to put there all refugees and infiltrators. The Creator says: "I will destroy France!” They are dealing with the Creator of the world. All Jews run away, don't wait!

Turkey, Isis destroys, destroys and they ruin it.

Putin, Russia's President is not taking anyone in account; he has respect and esteem for Jews in the land of Israel and for the land. Putin knows that in Israel is the power of survival, that we are strong, smart and scientists.

Europe wants a Palestinian State to send Isis, the Muslims, the Palestinians and the infiltrators. They will have problems with the Creator.

Iran plays the role of cute, innocent and kindhearted. They go as if by law, and they are laughing at the world. They are afraid that Trump will disclose that their agreement is fake.

Jews, try not to travel for pleasure abroad. Anywhere in the world, vermin is waiting to harm you.

In the entire world there will be severe winds, heavy rains, floods and mud. Anyone who hurts Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel, Heaven will hurt.

Creator hates people who plot and take bribery, corruption and prejudice, crooks and thieves, religious, non-religious or fake religious — all will be discovered, so the people of Israel will see and fear and would be worthy of salvation and of the Messiah. This is the purpose of the Holy One.

Jews of Israel, reinforce the real estate and be not afraid to build. Jews are the most important in the world and the world needs Jews in the Holy land of Israel.

Jews must protect Jerusalem! There will be the Temple there to which we will go three times a year; the Holy One selected it thousands of years ago; this is where His house is, the Temple in Jerusalem! He lives in Jerusalem and all over the world. No one can change the Creator's wishes. Every country that wants their embassy in Jerusalem, may blessings be with it.

Jews in all parts of the world, from small to great, know the signs of the King Messiah. The Holy One discloses the signs of him piece by piece and very quickly - so the world and the land of Israel will be familiar with it, and not panic. Suddenly will arrive the day to anoint the King Messiah in public! All know all the signs, in Israel and abroad; and many know who the King Messiah is; some secretly and some openly. King Messiah is a man of G-d; he doesn't belong to anyone, only to G-d Almighty. He came to purify the world and renew it, to give life forever to the Jews and to build the third Temple; he has all the plans.

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Tomb of Our Fathers

Another excellent video from Harry Rothenberg:
Tomb of Our Fathers: Parshat VaYechi

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Getting Through the End of Days

I received this excellent essay from one of our dear readers:

The verse says[1] says, “Yaakov called for his sons and said, gather together and I shall tell you what will befall you in the End of Days…”

Rashi[2] says that Yaakov wished to reveal the conclusion[3] of all the exiles of the Jewish people, but the Divine Presence departed from him and he was unable to do so. The Talmud[4] states, “Yaakov said to his sons: Perhaps, Heaven forbid, there is a blemish among the issue of my bed[5] like the case of Avraham, from whom issued Ishmael or like the case of my father Yitzchak, from whom issued Eisav. His sons answered him reassuringly: Hear, O Israel,[6] Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One. They explained their response: Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart…”

Why did the sons say to Yaakov, “Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart?” The answer is given by Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l:

“During Golus, the Jewish people are split, not only physically-geographically, but also ideologically. One group does not see eye to eye with the other. This disparity exists not only in that the non-religious segment of our nation does not understand those who are religious, but even the people who keep the Torah and mitzvot are divided and subdivided many times among themselves.[7]

However, over 150 years ago, the disciples of the Vilna Gaon[8] and the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov[9]had made peace with each other. While both groups maintained their differences, both developed great respect and eventually a mutual love for each other.

So why should we be different today? The talmidim of our great yeshivos and kollelim who follow their Roshei HaYeshivah and devoted Chassidim who follow their Admorim, are all united in their absolute loyalty to Hashem’s Torah. Why can’t we tell the other, ‘I am deeply convinced that my outlook is true. So are you. We honor each other’s conviction and sincerity without any yielding an inch of our own sacred territory.’”[10]

When the sons said to Yaakov, “Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart,” they were telling us that we are one nation with one Torah. We might have different sects of Judaism, yet we all are learning from the same Torah that was given to us at Mount Sinai. As the Zohar[11] says, “Hashem, the Torah and Yisroel are one.” Thus, all three vital components united in the desert[12] fulfilling the dictum, “and the three-ply cord will not be severed easily.”[13]

When watching a movie, if the producer plans on making a sequel, he will give hints towards the end of it that the plot isn’t over yet. Before the Divine Presence departed from Yaakov, is there any hint that he gave us about how to bring this last exile to a close? It’s two words: gather together.

The Medrash[14] says, “The Jewish people are like a bundle of reeds: A single reed can be broken even by a child, whereas a bundle of reeds cannot be broken even by an adult. [Although each individual may be unworthy of a certain spiritual level, together they are worthy of that level]. So too, the Jewish people will not be redeemed until they become a single group.”[15]

Elsewhere, the verse says, “He was King over Yeshurun [Yisroel], when the leaders of the nation gathered and the tribes of Yisroel were unified.”[16] Rashi[17] explains, “When is He King over Yeshurun? Only when the tribes of Yisroel are unified and not when they are divided into separate groups - which, we know, happens as a result of Lashon Hara.[18]

The Medrash say that if Jews are worshipping idols, but they live in peace, no nation or cultural force can rule over them[19] and in Heaven the Satan is not able to accuse them.[20] For Hashem states, “My beloved children, what do I ask of you? Only that you love one another and respect one another.”[21] As Dovid HaMelech[22] said, “Indeed, how good and how pleasant is the dwelling of brothers, moreover, in unity.” The Belze Rebbe said that the salvation of the Jewish people rests on unity during times of trouble.[23]

With Hashem’s help, in the merit of becoming one like our Creator, with our brethren - through speech and action - may He soon gather us out of the lands to which we were scattered[24] and bring us to the Land that our forefathers possessed![25]

[1] Bereishis 49:1.

[2] Ibid. “ואגידה לכם”.

[3] i.e. duration of time or dates.

[4] Pesachim 56a.

[5] The Maharsha explains that Yaakov feared that perhaps the Divine Presence had departed from him because one of his children did not believe in G-d's absolute unity, and therefore was not worthy of receiving this prophecy.

[6] When the sons were saying Israel, they were addressing Yaakov (Rashi to Pesachim 56a “שמע ישראל”).

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[12] The verse says, “Israel encamped there.” (Shemos 19:2). Rashi explains this to mean one man, with one heart. Whereas, all other encampments were with complaints and argumentation. For Israel to rise to its highest calling, it must be unified. Only when it was united its goal of hearing the word of G-d could it receive the Torah.” (Ibid. “ויחן שם ישראל”).

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The End of Gog and Magog?

There is so much going on in this crazy upside-down world that my dot-connecting is working overtime. There are so many signs of the end being imminent. Something that has been asked of me recently is about the conference of 70 nations meeting today for the purpose of destroying Israel. I have some definite feelings about it and why it is happening, but unless you have followed my blog for years, my information might be more confusing than helpful. To save me a bunch of typing and not repeating what I have already discussed, I will be giving you references to go to, some from me, to fill you in on details you may be lacking.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let me explain. I have mentioned that every event in history has been used by Hashem to fulfill His will. I am not saying that Hashem caused the history to happen, just that the results of everything that people have caused, Hashem uses to fulfill His will. Not history as we see in the history books, but the truth about what has really happened. The eventual goal of a worldwide redemption and Moshiach being crowned as the King of the world has been happening with the craziest sequence of events.

It started with the formation of the Illuminati in 1776, Bavaria, Germany. This is a very involved subject; it is easier to just send you to a Wikipedia reference (if you are interested):

The most important thing about the agenda of the Illuminati is what it has led to in our day and age. The answer is “The New World Order.” The NWO is the agenda to make the entire world a one world communist government and one world currency with the global elite (richest people on Earth; bankers, Wall Streeters, leaders, the monarchy, industrialists, etc) owning the entire world and everything in it. That means that the people would no longer own anything, but would be slaves to the elite to get all the work done. Since there are too many people on Earth, about 7.3 billion, the population would have to be reduced by about 93% to 500 million people (a workable number). The NWO has it all detailed, etched in stone, on the Georgia Guidestones in ten languages. This set of stones outlines the Illuminati commandments that the NWO is trying to implement. There are so many Google and YouTube sites to learn about and see the Guidestones that, once again, go to Google and/or YouTube if you want more information.

So who is actually carrying out this diabolical plan to take over the world? Gog from the country of Magog is the simple answer. The Bible tells us much about Gog and Magog, but “who it is” and “where it is” seems to be a continual mystery for those who only guess and do no research. My simple answer is Gog means George, since the letters for Gog are in the name George, both in English and Hebrew. I have presented much, much proof including codes that show how George appears in every aspect of Gog and Magog. Read my blog of 7 April 2016, entitled “We Have a Choice: Turn to Hashem or Turn to Hashem.”

If you don’t like reading, go to my YouTube video of 2 Dec 2015, entitled “Gog and Magog.”

The more convincing way to let you know, that Gog Bush, Sr is the Gog of today, is to hear it from his own mouth. Go to this video and hear the man himself in this “New World Order Quote Compilation:”

If 17 minutes is too long to watch, go to this shorter video and hear the same person announce his “NWO.”

Some other videos to watch are:

JFK - The Speech That Killed Him

Watch John F. Kennedy Expose the Illuminati

The Depopulation Agenda for a New World Order - Agenda 21

The important facts to know is what has actually happened in history that give further credence to the Gog Bush cabal. These people are Satanists who belong to the order of Skull and Crossbones. The Bushes including the father Prescott Bush (the one who made WW2 possible) were active Satanists at Yale University when they attended. They attend Satan worship once a year at the Bohemian Groves outside of San Francisco. They are very, very evil people who want to own the world. By the way, Gog Bush, Sr had the nickname in the S and C order of “Magog.” For a scary list of important people, including presidents, who were members of this evil Satanic Order, go to:

The Gog’s cabal includes the Clintons, Obama, Kerry, Gog Bush Jr. and others. The fact that the staunch Republican Gog Bush, Sr recommended and voted for Hillary is a good indication that he wanted to continue the cabal power in the White House. Trump is against Gog’s agenda, which is surprising that Trump is still alive.

The George Bush cabal is another subject that is very well covered on the web. Go to Google and YouTube and look at the many, many hours of proof that the cabal is an evil group wanting to take over the world in the most disastrous way possible with no regard for the people of this world.

Everybody questions when the war of Gog and Magog will be. The Chofetz Chaim, told us that the three battles of Gog and Magog (brought down in Ezekiel and Zechariah) are WW1, 2 and 3, with WW3 being a spiritual war, you will find that the third and final battle is almost over. Gog Bush made his biggest attack on Israel with the Oslo Accord, which came from the Bush administration, and signed by Billy boy, when Bush lost the 1992 election for his second term. We now know that all the intifadas and terrorist attacks were a result of Gog's efforts to destroy Israel. It is much more complicated, but the third and final battle has been ongoing for decades and is almost over. Since scriptures tell us of the 70 nations that will try to destroy Israel, there is a good possibility that today’s conference in Paris is the end. It is the final spiritual attack of the 70 nations on Israel.

The Chofetz Chaim was prophetic about his predictions since he only knew of the Great War, which was renamed WW1, and his prediction that the 2nd war would be 25 years after the first (first started 1914; second 1939, 25 years apart). He died in 1933, so nothing he predicted could have come after the fact. When one goes to the test in the Torah for prophecy, in Parshat Shoftim, it tells us that if events are predicted so accurately, it came from Hashem. Therefore the prediction of the third battle or WW3 being a spiritual battle, which it has been, is completely accurate. We have been told by other sources that Israel’s dealings with Gog and Magog are basically finished. This could be the end.

This does not mean that there won’t be an actual military conflict. Gog Bush was involved in the preparations for WW3 as a nuclear holocaust and a convenient excuse to get rid of the 93% for his NWO agenda. He also was involved as Vice President under President Reagan in having Nibiru classified Top Secret. Gog Bush has a very long history of hurting the US and the world. Since the Bush family has always been friendly with the Bin Laden family, it was Gog who organized Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. The fact that ISIS broke off from Al Qaeda, and is trained and funded by the US of Magog, is something else to thank Gog Bush for. That was actually arranged by the Bilderberg Group, another diabolical organization of the world elite. No matter how it all came about, this scary world is the way it is due to the effort of the Bush family with Gog Bush, Sr as its henchman.

People around the world keep guessing at who Gog is and where Magog is, but it couldn’t be any clearer. All that has happened in the US with the 800 FEMA concentration camps, the multi-trillion dollar underground network of military basis and fortresses for the global elite, the distribution of military materiel to law informant agencies getting ready for Marshal Law and possibly civil war, the craziest election in the history of the world that might spark the civil war come inauguration day, the chem-trail spraying that is definitely toxic and life threatening, the military and government organizations moving to higher ground in anticipation of gigantic tsunamis, the dumbing down of America and elsewhere, the financial holocaust that is destined to get much worse, the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes that might be partially manmade (there are definite signs that it is not all from Nibiru coming in), the vaccine and disease debacle, the fake deficit (the elite are worth trillions and hiding it; the money they stole from everyone), the entire food crisis with big companies like Monsanto monopolizing the effort, (this is another one of my famous run-on sentences). There is much more going on that we don’t even know about, but there is no doubt that it is all from the Gog Bush cabal effort to bring on the New World Order and kill as many of us as possible.

One additional mention about the dumbing down of America. It is the reason that so many people voted twice for Obama, a Black Muslim who is not a citizen of the US, and who continued the madness by voting for Hillary who with Obama is part of the NWO agenda to kill us. A vote for Hillary was a vote to destroy the US, and many other countries in the world. If you don’t believe what I am saying, I ask you how much research you have done to disprove my arguments. Show me proof besides your illogical human emotion that says: that can’t be true. If you have done no research and are only working on flawed belief, consider yourself a victim of the dumbing down process – that was their goal, and they succeeded.

Lastly let me show you an article from Breaking Israel News telling us of the conference being a fulfillment of prophecy. Read this article:

Is there any coincidence that this conference should be five days before the inauguration? Obama has said that he wants to continue as President and not allow the inauguration of Trump. The FC individuals have talked about the elite being underground in there fortresses about the time of the inauguration. Does that mean that Obama, or more likely Gog, is trying to start WW3 this week which could result in a presidential Executive Order for the continuation of the present administration in times of worldwide peril?

I have very good new. The Gog Bush cabal is in disarray. There are many problems that are not known to the public since it would never be in the elite controlled mainstream media. I heard through sources I will not disclose that Gog Bush, Sr may be indicted for a very old crime (I am sorry that I cannot tell you the info). There is great disagreement amongst the cabal members, including the setback of Hillary not entering the White House. There are other problems involved, but it might be the need for a sudden voting in the UN and the immediate conference in Paris. There is also the possibility that Nibiru is imminent and they are not telling us.

Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

Needless to say again and again, turning to Hashem is the answer to your question: what do we do? This is all a setup where Hashem took all the shenanigans of what is happening to give us our final testing before the worldwide redemption. That is the culmination of all this nonsense, but how we each come out, how each of us survives is completely dependent on how we include Hashem. Very difficult problem; very simple solution. Need I say any more?

Just added, an excellent find from Rav Glazerson:

The Conference in Paris for Palestinian State in bible code