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Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Eikev, 17 Av 5776 (8/21/16) (the Messiah is mentioned 18 times)


G-d, Father in Heaven, Father of Israel and the world that He created, not us, but Him. He is hidden, and whether we want to or not - we will believe in Him! G-d is speaking to the people of Israel in images, signs, and clues.

Everything that G-d has done in this world and continues to do through the forces of nature, conflicts between and within countries, it is all so that the Jews see His strength and power! G-d is showing the Jews of Diaspora to come urgently to Israel; and, all of the Jewish communities in Israel, without exception, Sephardic, Ashkenazi and everyone else, to be happy for them, to unite, and love each other, and be kind. G-d is calling the Jews to reach compromises and be the sons of Jacob our father, because he was one.

G-d is destroying all of the Arab countries and a large part of the world to bring the Jews to Israel. Thousands are coming; millions more will come.

G-d is asking the Jews in Israel: Stop building homes in tall buildings, stop copying Manhattan! You are Jews; settle the holy land of Israel in houses, not apartments! You must settle the Negev, Galilee, Samaria, Binyamin and Golan Heights. Dear Jews, stop focusing on the center of Israel, stop building sky scrapers; it is not G-d's will. The holy land must be villages and towns. The land of Israel will grow one centimeter every day in every direction.

The chaos and Armageddon outside of Israel are signs of the coming of the Messiah King in the Holy Land. The generation of the desert did not want to come to the Holy Land and they sent spies. The spies died as did the entire generation in the desert. That was the first salvation. Now is the second and last salvation and the Messiah is here, working and waiting for signs from G-d to reveal himself. Diaspora Jews: do not miss the train; do not test G-d! Whoever tries will pay a heavy price. G-d is working in Arab countries and protecting the borders of Israel with Fire. G-d himself is in Israel waiting for the Jews to come! There is no more time to wait! The biggest sign of in the world:   G-d is destroying the Arab countries around us so that Jews can come safely to the holy land of Israel! This is not like the time of the spies who didn't want to come to Israel for fear of the people there. G-d is cleaning out all of the Arab countries around Israel and telling the Diaspora Jews: "Look at the holy land of Israel, a beautiful and wonderful country! It has everything - Torah, synagogues that are holy and pure, protection, prosperity, joy, peace, gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, iron and the most important of all - G-d is here protecting the Holy Land and the Messiah is working in the Holy Land!"

Our mother, Rachel, is asking all of the Jews in Israel: "Do not leave Israel during the holidays! Come to the Cave of the Patriarchs to your fathers and mothers; come to me, your mother Rachel who has the Messiah in her hands! You have so many righteous men who are dead and alive in Israel. The prayers of the holidays in the Holy Land are not like prayers outside of Israel because the Holy Spirit is only in Israel since 1948 when the state of Israel was established. You must all come to Israel."

G-d is fighting the wars of Israel to protect the people of Israel! G-d will bring down all of the Arabs to worship the Jews in Israel.

In Turkey, Erdogan is in a critical mental state; it is very hard for him because he no longer has control over Turkey. He wants to release all of the Arab refugees in Turkey to Europe without passports. Due to the thousands he has killed, others want revenge and want to kill him. Turkey will turn into chaos, Turkey will bleed. Listen and read, there will be a terrible revolution in Turkey. Jews: run away from there like fire! Come to the Holy Land!

The king of Jordan suddenly got confident concerning the Western Wall and Temple Mount. The Arabs must know once and for all: Everything around the Western Wall belongs to the Jews and Israel! They don't care about the Wall, they only want to get land from Israel; it is an obsession and they don't know why.

The ammunition and weapons that the IDF found in the Arab villages is just a fraction of the thousands that they have.

Sisi is waiting for help from Israel. Israel is helping him clean out the Sinai desert, and he wants more. It is not easy for him. Sisi: watch over yourself! There are plans; they want to harm you in the coming days, in the coming week. Watch over yourself, do not believe the people around you because they are being threatened that if they don't harm you, their families will be murdered. ISIS, Hamas, extreme Muslims are looking for Sisi, and want to overturn his regime. There is great hunger in Egypt. Sisi is being nice to Israel so that we protect him, because he knows that only Israel can protect him.

Gaza is filled with rockets that arrive dismantled through the tunnels and sea. They put them together in Gaza quietly. They are all aimed at Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheba. The government must open its eyes!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah do not have enough ammunition at all; everything they have is saved for emergencies against the Syrian rebels. They can't fight against Israel because they don't have support from Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Iraq is a Babel Tower; it is all destroyed and will continue to be destroyed. It is G-d's doing.

G-d is warning Iran: If you only think of harming Israel, you will receive a blow one hundred times worse than the plagues in Egypt. Lava will fall from the sky and burn Iran.

All of the Arab countries and Arabs in the Middle East are a Babel Tower! G-d is confusing their language. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break. They are killing themselves and they don't know why. This is the Arabs falling on their swords. Their bows are the rocket launchers and the arrows are rockets. The launchers will break and the rockets will blow up before being launched.

Russia doesn't care what anyone thinks or says and loves Israel very much.

The United States is playing hide and seek, they are showing their true face to Israel. The beauty and smile will not determine who the next president is.

Japan will continue to receive earthquakes and the forces of nature will strike at them.

China's economy will collapse. G-d is saying: When a Jew owns a factory, the factory succeeds because it is run by a Jew. When a gentile owns a factory, it fails because it is run by a gentile.

France will be destroyed and will be gone from the world because it is interfering in creating a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, and wants to take land from Israel. G-d will remove them from the world.

Muslims all over the world hate the Xtians, they want to conquer Europe and make it Muslim. Millions are going into Europe, they want to conquer it.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: Many Jews will come to Israel. It will not stop! Continue building houses and spread out throughout Israel, establish settlements and stop with the skyscrapers and buildings. Real estate in Israel will continue, no one can stop it - it is G-d's doing!

The government of Israel must stop arguing about positions in the government. You were chosen to save the people of Israel and watch over every centimeter of the Holy Land.    G-d is saying: You have no permission to touch even one centimeter of the Holy Land, it is not yours!

All of the Jews inventing patents do not be too excited about the money. Leave the inventions in Israel because G-d is giving you the idea to develop in Israel!

The IDF will do its job according to the law, and no Jew will say "it will not happen to me," watch over yourselves. Idleness leads to serious problems.

Jewish parents, watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Always teach them morals.

All of those who steal, cheat, live off of others, take bribes, especially in municipalities and public officials, will be caught. G-d is preparing Israel for the crowning of the Messiah King in public.

The Messiah above held by Leah is judgment, and the Messiah below held by Rachel is mercy. The Messiah above must connect with the Messiah below and turn the Messiah above to mercy; this is "merciful redemption". If there was judgment and redemption, heaven forbid, the Messiah above would come down without the Messiah below and there would only remain the minimum of souls necessary in all of Israel. In a merciful redemption, the Messiah above connects with the Messiah below, it is time!

In the first redemption, when Moses was the Messiah, the nation was not ready. Today, the people of Israel are in the perfect state, with prayers, study of Torah, good deeds - perfect! The people are preparing to receive the Messiah! It is not like in the time of Moses. Today, there is a Messiah in the world, and the crowning of the Messiah King in public is near!

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Mashiach, Son of David in a Skip 776 Letters in Bible Code


Another beautiful find from Rav Glazerson:  Mashiach, son of David in a skip 776 letters in bible code:
This was sent to me by one of my dear readers.  It is so good a message, I had to share it with you:

For our non-English speaking friends who can't understand the audio message, here is a transcript to read;

You Won a House!

People enduring hardship and pain may feel that Hashem doesn't care about them. They cry out in prayer, but things don't change. They take upon themselves to do extra Mitzvot, yet their situation doesn't improve. If a person lacks a proper understanding of Hashem, these situations could lead a person to want to stop praying and improving.
First, we must understand that if someone is experiencing pain, it doesn't mean Hashem doesn't love him. On the contrary, the Pasuk states:"את אשר יאהב ה' יוכיח"-Pain is brought upon those who Hashem loves most. As hard as it is to comprehend, the hardships accomplish so much. The Midrash says that Hashem is closest to those who suffer hardships. Rabbenu Yonah in his Sha'are Teshuva writes that suffering is actually one of a person's achievements in his lifetime. To put this into perspective, imagine a person would compile a list of his life accomplishments and milestones. He would probably include his wedding day, the day his children were born, the day he was promoted at work, the day he was elected president of an organization or the day he finished a certain Masechet. However, if his times of suffering are not on the list, it is incomplete. Pain endured in this lifetime is one of life's achievements. If it is accepted with love, then it may be one of life's greatest achievements. So if your painful situation has not changed yet, do not feel like you are abandoned. You are very loved and Hashem is very near.
With regard to our prayers, we must understand the value of the prayer itself. If the person didn't get the answer he was looking for from his prayer, he should not stop. Don't feel bad. Each prayer was infinitely valuable in and of itself. Rabbi Lugassi explains this concept using a parable. Imagine a raffle in which the first prize was a brand new house, and the second prize was a new car. The tickets were very expensive. Most bought only one ticket and others even bought two. The drawing was held and the winners were picked. A member of the committee had the privilege to call the winners and share the good news. He called the winner of the house and told him what he won. However, instead of hearing the expected scream of joy on the line, it sounded as though the man was upset. "Didn't you hear what I just said? You won a house! Why are you upset?" The man responded, "Yeah, I heard you. But I bought two tickets. I didn't win the car also?" That is a ridiculous response from the winner of the first prize.
If a person was praying, let's say for a Shiduch, and each prayer was from the bottom of his heart, and he felt as though he was connecting directly with Hashem, even if he didn't yet get the Shiduch, he has still won the first prize. The value of connecting with Hashem and realizing that only He can fulfil our requests is enormous. Never feel that a prayer was wasted. If somebody has inclinations to complain, give up and stop praying, but he overcomes that reaction and strengthens himself to continue trying, then he got the first prize בהדור גדול-with all of the trimmings.
The same is true with regard to the extra Mitzvot we take upon ourselves, even though we have not yet been answered. The Gemara says that someone who gives Tzedaka in order to merit a Yeshua is considered to be completely righteous at that moment. Tosafot explain that he is considered a Tzadik, because even if he does not get what he wants, he will still be happy with the knowledge that he did a good deed. Deep down we know the enormous value of every Mitzva we perform. This world does not contain enough pleasures for Hashem to pay us back for even one of them. If a person accepted upon himself to do a certain Mitzvah because of a difficult situation he was in, doing that Mitzva was the first prize. What he wanted to get out it is the second prize. Never feel bad about winning the first prize.
We pray to have all of our needs fulfilled, but until we see the results we want, if we view Hashem with the proper perspective, it will make us happy and enable us to continue serving Him, no matter what.

Mashiach, Son of David in a Skip 776 Letters in Bible Code


Another beautiful find from Rav Glazerson:  Mashiach, son of David in a skip 776 letters in bible code:

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Baruch Dayan Ha’Emmes: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A’H; Pioneer In World Of Kiruv

I would like to express my personal grief at the passing of a true Torah scholar, and pioneer in helping the Jews of the world find Hashem.  As a Holocaust survivor, she knew the evils of this world, yet she taught such a positive message that brought many Jews to following Hashem.  I am greatly inspired by this remarkable woman, and know that she has achieved a very high spiritual Tikun.  Her books and video tapes are highly recommended, if you want to know and live the absolute truth.

I have personally learned much from the Rebbetzin.  Go to this YouTube list and learn from the Rebbetzin:

Read this excellent tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A'H in The Yeshivah World: 

Words could not possibly explain this tremendous loss to the world.

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Everything is for the Good???

I have readers that notice how I always say that everything is from Hashem, and everything is for the good. Yet, there are those who question: Is the death of good people at the hands of a terrorist a good thing; is a baby left in a hot car to die, chas v’shalom, a good thing; is sickness a good thing; are accidents good; is the loss of a home, job, pension, etc a good thing, etc? All valid questions that can only be understood when one understands Hashem’s world and its purpose.

Let me explain a very difficult concept that I can give you many, many details, but no human being, including me, really has the ability to comprehend. Planet Earth is not the real world. This is a place that Hashem created for the purpose of our spiritual "Fixing/Rectification, Correction, Perfection,” better known as Tikun. We are only here to accomplish a purpose and then go back to the real world. It might help if you read my post of 4 May 2012, entitled: 
This Explains It All.

And my post of 17 April 2012, entitled:
The Soul

Since Hashem is giving us an opportunity to fix ourselves for all eternity, and He gave us the tools to do so (a physical world with the commandments to accomplish), all we need to do is get our purpose on this world accomplished. Unfortunately, we usually don’t accomplish this in one lifetime, so Hashem allows us to come back several times to continue the mission – fixing ourselves.

There are several possibilities for each one of us in a lifetime. One, is we reach Tikun, accomplish all the commandments, and move on to our eternal reward forever and ever. Second, we accomplish some of it and have to return in another life to continue, hopefully, to complete the task. Hashem is not in this allusion of time, which He created for us to navigate through this lifetime. However, not being in our time means He sees exactly what we will accomplish before the fact, and knows if we need to stay or be taken out for Tikun in another way. We also have the possibility, unfortunately, of accomplishing only evil and never reaching Tikun. That is a hell of a group.

Hell, by the way has two purposes: one is to cleanse and the other to punish. If we just need some additional cleansing, we may leave Earth and have a short stay in Hell then go on to the real world for reward (there are a lot more details to this that I will not cover here). Then there are those who were so evil that Hell is strictly a punishment.

The system is much, much more complicated than I could described here, since there are so many variations and possibilities in Hashem’s very complicated system for us to be helped. Very important word that I just used is that Hashem has given us this system to help us get to the highest level of spirituality possible. One might ask doesn’t Hashem have the ability to put all of us at the top? Once again, Hashem did not create us as robots, but gave us His characteristics in His image (not physical, but spiritual) to help ourselves.

So, let us apply this information to our questions above. Let us even get more complicated. Scenario: a commercial plane crashes and 200 on board die, chas v’shalom. Were they all meant to die at that moment? Yes! Hashem put these particular souls together because their time was up. But, the 200 who left this world together had 200 different situations of need to complete this tour on Earth. Some were close to completing Tikun. The final trauma of a plane crash and their death was the final correction needed. Some have completed as much as they could on Earth, and since Hashem saw that they would accomplish no more (at least nothing positive to help themselves), Hashem removed them from this life. Some would not accomplish anything and would actually hurt others if they were to remain; hence they were finished. The idea with all this is that they received what Hashem could give them in this life, took advantage of it or not, but had to leave since there was nothing else to be gained by staying.

I have to add a caveat: the loves ones who remain are being tested as well, which means that the demise of a loved one is Tikun for those mourning the departed.

Another caveat: the horrors of the world such as terror, plane crashes, even weather disasters are not caused by Hashem. He only uses them to provide us with the Tikun we need. Am I saying that an earthquake is not from Hashem? I am saying that it comes about because of the negative energies that come from the people living on this planet. When people decide that same sex marriages are OK by civil law or that abortions are OK by civil law, we are the ones who have set up the energy levels for destruction. If we would all follow Hashem’s will, there would by total peace and calm worldwide. Of course, once the Moshiach is in charge we will have that peace and calm.

Let us get specific about another situation. There are times that a person is close to reaching completeness in a lifetime, but only needs a short experience on Earth to finish. This is when a baby would be sent back, and does not live beyond a short time; exactly the amount of time to finish the Tikun. I wanted to make it clear that this is not a case of the baby wasn’t doing enough or was a mean person and had to be removed; it is definitely from a previous reincarnation that this baby only needed so much time.

I experienced this when I lived in the states. A neighbor of ours had a boy who developed Leukemia at age two. It progressed and at age 4 he left Earth. At the Shiva, his mother stated: she was aware that her son only needed these four years, including the suffering, to complete his Tikun and that it actually was a happy occasion for her son. Not too many people on Earth are at the spiritual level of this mother, who truly knew Hashem’s system and why she lost her son. An event like this is not bad, it is sad. For the departed, it is an extremely joyous occasion reaching the Tikun, and going on in the real world of eternal reward. For the family remaining it is very sad, yet it is additional Tikun for the family members.

I should mention that the Facilitated Communications individuals are all in this situation of just needing additional Tikun to complete a very high level of spirituality. They actually know who they were in the previous life, and why they had to come back. If they are chosen by Hashem to relay messages to help the people on Earth, they are aware of that also, and know that the helping is their Tikun.

We learned this lesson years ago from Galia, who was a young girl in Israel who knew that she was her grandmother in a previous life, who did not complete her Tikun. She came back with a severe case of Down Syndrome; she was not physically in this world, but totally in contact with Heaven. Galia was a behavioral problem until the age of 11 when her mother heard about Facilitated Communications. Her mother thought after 11 years of not communicating with her daughter, who she loved dearly, that she possibly found a way to talk to Galia. The mother was so nervous at the first session set up with a facilitator, that she realized the list of questions that she wrote to ask her daughter, she left at home. Galia told the mother not to worry and answered the questions in order as the mother had written them. The mother knew without any doubt that she was talking to Galia’s soul, and from that day forward Galia was no longer a behavioral problem. Why? Galia explained that it was like she was let out of prison, and could really be with her family.

One additional detail about Galia that adds to our conversation here. When Galia was 15, she told her mother that she would be dying in thirty days; she had completed her Tikun and was ready to leave Earth. The mother was greatly distraught at losing a daughter, that she loved so much. Galia explained how horrible her condition was on Earth, and the fact that she didn’t need this place anymore; her mission was complete. Part of her mission was to change her family from a secular family to an observant Torah family; and, she greatly succeeded at that task. Galia also added how excited she was to be going to the real world, where everything is wonderful; she was totally aware of the reality of this world, and the real world. She told her mother that she did not want to be here any longer than she had to, especially when she knew exactly how wonderful a place it was that she was going – the real tremendous world, with no physical problems. I highly recommend the book “Galia,” that her mother wrote to relay this story with a happy ending.

I know that there are thousands of questions that could be asked, considering I tried to tell you a very complicated system in as short an essay as possible. The most important point is that Hashem is infinitely merciful and wants only the best for each of us. His system of measure for measure is designed for us to earn our good fortune for this life and for eternity. To try to outguess Hashem, and the true ways of this world is fruitless and completely ignorant. Hashem gave us all the tools to succeed and the knowledge to use those tools.

The problem is we are out of time. The worldwide redemption has come for all Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world. We will all get Tikun soon but, as I have said before, a billion different people will receive a billion different spiritual levels of Tikun – levels that we will have to live with forever and ever.

If I told you that following Hashem for the next two or three weeks (I am not predicting, just giving an example), doing His commandments and stepping up the observance of all His instructions, will result in a billion years of reward beyond your wildest dreams, would you consider it? If I added that by completely doing Hashem’s will for a mere two or three weeks will wind up in a trillion years of goodness and happiness for your family, would that sound good? If I added that two or three weeks will get rid of all your personal problems, and you will only have joy for the next quadrillion years, would you like that? There is no such thing as time; it is an allusion that will disappear when we are in the true world of love and goodness. Just know that eternity is forever and ever and ever, and even though we will not have time, we will be aware of the level of spirituality, the closeness to Hashem that we had achieved, and will live with forever. We live forever! Our physical bodies will eventually become totally spiritual. All our physical needs will be gone. We will then know spiritual pleasure and joy that is so far above any physical joy we knew on this planet, that we will kick ourselves forever when we know what we could have had versus what we settled for because we thought we knew better.

Hashem gave us a hint to the transparent spiritual existence that we will all have. Our finger nails are see-through, as Adam and Eve were when they were spiritual beings in the Garden before the sin. They were not physical, but Hashem gave us a glimpse of their spirituality and ours in the future as finger nails.

A few more weeks of saving ourselves and our loved ones is absolutely vital to our eternal life. We are so concerned by the upcoming devastation from Nibiru. However, it too is all good news since it will wipe out the evil of the Earth and completely heal the righteous. We just need to be in the correct group with Nibiru and beyond. Thank you Hashem for all the opportunities that you have given us to survive, thrive and go on to such a tremendous eternity. Please Hashem, help us with wisdom to take advantage of Your mercy and do the right thing.

This entire world is an allusion. Nothing is real. I can always tell the level of education of the individual that I am telling this at this point. The ignorant one pounds on a table and says to me: this is not real? I tell that person: wow an Infinite Source of Intelligence, Who is running this world, couldn’t fool you, could He? Yes, the world is an allusion, and Hashem has no trouble making us believe otherwise. Yes, it is our reality; it is what Hashem wanted us to experience. It just happens to be Hashem’s imagination, and not real. I have mentioned that even scientists are aware of this and believe that the universe is a hologram, a perfect computer program with nothing random. They won’t go as far as saying: it has to have a Designer, but they are scratching their heads in wonderment.

I treat everything like it is a test to help me go into the real world at a higher spiritual level. When the real world starts soon, we will fully understand the craziness of this world – that is exactly what it is CRAZINESS!!!! (Sorry, I didn't mean to shout).

Not taking everything so seriously and realizing that absolutely everything is for the good; it has to be; it is from Hashem. It will become evident soon, and will be the only way to live. Having full faith in Hashem is all we need; everything else is nonsense.

Additional note:  I will be very selective with comment posting on this essay.  I know that there will be comments that will not help any of my readers, which is the purpose of comments.  Personal stories can be sent to me as personal Email, unless it enhances the subject and helps my readers.  Nasty comments will be discarded since obviously the individual didn't read this essay or didn't understand that making such a comment could destroy the one who comments.  Be nice; we are here to help, not to experience your lack of scholarship.