Thursday, March 30, 2017

Why Isn't There a Palestinian State?

I found this very interesting:
Of course the real answer is: Hashem owns the land and gave it to the Jews!!!!

If you want much more detail, read my blog post of 29 March 2012, entitled:

Who Owns This land?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

And the Answer Is ……..

Great we are about to receive the answer; wait, what was the question? I am glad you asked. In fact I have been getting many questions recently, mostly on private Emails, instead of comments. But, they are the same questions that I have been getting for the past five years. Yesterday was the 707th post for The Absolute Truth as I have attempted to answer all the questions that I continue to get. So, let me summarize and repeat “the answer” to every question, to every conflict, to every concern and to every problem that you have: “TURN TO HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!”

Not that we have cleared up that question, let us get more specific. The purpose of life on Earth is to perfect our souls, correct all our deficiencies, repair all about us that is spiritually damaged, as individuals and collectively as the population of planet Earth. When we achieve that perfection, we reach Tikun, which Wikipedia says: Tikkun/Tikun (תיקון ) is a Hebrew word meaning "Fixing/Rectification." At that time, as an individual we leave the Earth – we go on to the real world, the world of truth. This world is for us to achieve correction, not as robots being repaired by simple mechanical adjustments or programming, but as human beings that are corrected by learning, testing and performing – getting it all fixed. I have talked about this quite a bit and tried to stress that this world is not meant to be a picnic of fun and games, but a place of hard work to set us up with a picnic for all eternity, beyond our wildest dreams of picnicking.

I have talked much about the fact that Hashem, the Owner of this world and everything in it, gave us the opportunity to have it all by doing His instructions, the Commandments, and going on to the tremendous world to come. In His infinite mercy, Hashem also setup a world that we will get our Tikun either voluntarily or involuntarily as we need it. It is measure for measure according to what we do or don’t do.

Since the world will be only a world of goodness, of happiness, of great pleasure, Hashem will make sure that the only people who have such a world will be those who deserve it. Hence we have the prophecy of Zechariah 13:8 saying that only one third of the world population will receive the happiness of the future. That is established and is about to be fulfilled. There is no such thing as coincidence and the fact that the world is approaching a very even number of 7.5 billion makes it even more obvious. 5 billion will not make it, and 2.5 fortunate souls will.

Getting back to the questions that I am being asked every day, such as the “when” question: when will Moshiach be introduced, when is the worldwide redemption, when will Nibiru pass by, when will we all be brought to Israel, when, when, when? Then there are the “why” questions; why am I still with medical problems, why do I still have financial problems, why can’t I get along with my family, why is there so much hatred in the world, why, why, why? How about where question: where should I be to survive, where can I go to avoid Jew-hatred, where, where, where? The what questions: what does Hashem want from me, what can I do to survive, what is my future and the future my loved ones, what, what, what? The how questions, and the how much questions, the etc, etc, etc, etc questions? I know I get carried away, but is there really an end to all the questions that we have? Obviously not.

But the good news is the answer is 100% reliable and has worked for thousands of years. The biggest problem is that we think we are doing the right thing and in actuality couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me give you some hints that tell us how much more work we still have. Hashem tells us in the Torah, Deuteronomy 32:21 - They provoked Me with a non-G-d; angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them to with a non-people; with a vile nation shall I anger them. A big question these days is: why so much terrorism? Hashem is very simply saying: when you do Hashem’s will, when you live the absolute truth, you will not have problems. When Jacob is studying Torah, Esau can’t hurt him or even bother him. When Jacob is assimilated into the non-Jewish society and thinks he can do whatever he wants, Esau is there to try to kill him. It also says in the Torah: that when Esau found he couldn’t kill his brother Jacob, Esau married the daughter of Ismael and told him to kill Jacob. Another prophecy being fulfilled is Esau (who is Edom or Xtianity) has been trying kill Jacob (the Jews) for thousands of years, but couldn’t wipe him out completely, so he asked Ismael (the Muslims) to do the job. Fortunately, with the help of Hashem Ismael is not succeeding, and even better Ismael hates Esau and wants him dead also. There is no mystery about what is happening in the world today; it was told to us thousands of years ago. But the answer to the question: how do I protect myself against these enemies? Simple: study and live the Torah!!!! Turn to Hashem and we are good to go.

Another thing is to stop believing that we must handle the problem ourselves and that we don’t need Hashem, chas v’shalom. In other words: the answer is not protesting, voting the proper evil leaders into office, financing evil efforts with their agenda to kill us, supporting military sources to protect us, etc, etc, etc. Hashem is running the show and when we think we can use the social, political and military resources to solve our problems, Hashem will make sure we fail.

A prayer that we say three times a day is Psalm 145. It is so important with all the instructions it is said twice in the morning service and once in the afternoon service. There is one line that our prayer book tells us to say slowly and with great feeling:

You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Very simply put: Hashem will help us with everything and anything we desire if we just turn to Him.

If we eat a meal with bread that requires us to say the Grace after Meals prayer, that verse is included in the Grace. If we eat bread for all three meals in day, we say that verse six times that day. Are we catching on? Hashem is ready to help us with everything, to give us whatever we want and to solve all our problems if we just “turn to Him.”

I have said many times that prayer works. If done correctly, prayer is always successful. The problem is: we do not know how to pray, since most of our prayer is lip-service and not sincere turning to Hashem.

In my post of 4 April 2012, entitled “The Key to Happiness,” I borrowed a brilliant post from Aish Hatorah that puts prayer and life into perspective:
I asked for strength and H' gave me difficulties to make me strong

I asked for wisdom and H' gave me problem to solve
I asked for prosperity and H' gave me brawn and brain to work

I asked for courage and H' gave me dangers to overcome
I asked for love and H’ gave me troubled people to help
I asked for favors and H’ gave me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted; I received everything I needed

My prayers were answered.
Prayer is not tricking Hashem into helping us; it is a system that absolutely works by just following Hashem’s directions. If you want more details, read my post of 24 August 2015, entitled “Prayer Works.”  The instructions are also in my book "The Absolute Truth."

Prayer and everything else that Hashem teaches us in the Torah is an exact science. When done perfectly, we accomplish everything in life that we want. There is no such thing as luck, chance, randomness, coincidence, accident, etc. Everything is caused by us by either doing Hashem’s will or not doing His will. It is measure for measure, voluntary or involuntary. Yes, there are gray areas that show that we can be doing 70% of our voluntary efforts, and receiving our Tikun with the 30% being made up by the involuntary. If you think that you are doing everything correctly and you still have problems, it is Hashem telling you very definitely: You are not doing everything correctly.

That is what it means when I repeat over and over again to do Teshuvah (actions correcting your shortcomings), prayer (turning to Hashem and living His system of success), helping others (a big factor in Hashem judging us – if we are truly living Hashem’s will), learning Torah (getting a complete understanding of Hashem’s system and how to live it) and living the commandments (the actual tools that we must learn and live to be totally happy and successful – now and forever).

Now you have the answer to every question you could think of. Now you need to evaluate how much you really turn to Hashem and have complete faith and trust in Him, versus how much you think you can do it yourself. I can see by the many questions that I have received in the close to 17,000 Emails over the past five years that most of my readers are running on empty. They are guessing with their flawed human logic how to handle life’s dilemmas. I know it takes much studying to understand the system we live under in this world, but when the answer is thrown at us and we don’t catch it, we have only ourselves to blame. When we are not doing a tremendous effort every day to improve, we are talking life’s greatest gift and not using it.

As an example, I tried an experiment in 2015. I put my book on this blog (the electronic version) for everyone to have a copy. I had over a thousand readers receive the book over several days, before I removed it. I made the statement that it was free, but I am leaving it up to you if you wish to pay the $5 dollar charge that I had on this blog (in the left column at the top). I was testing you to see how many of my readers would just take the book, read it and not think twice about paying.

It is what we call Derech Eretz (the way of the land), to want to pay for such an effort and not feel as though you are stealing it. Derech Eretz is instructions from Hashem on being a respectful person, living an ethical and responsible way to life. It is the common way to behave or speak.

I am sad to report that out of about a thousand people who received the book, I received payment from 6 readers. You may think you are living Hashem’s instructions, but if you received that book and didn’t make an effort to pay, Hashem put you down as a thief.

I had mentioned at the time that all the money that I was receiving for the book will be used to help others. To date I can say with complete honesty that I have put out far more money to help others than what I have received from the sale of the book. Why am I telling you this? Because it is not just paying for something that you received, it is also a way to help others, as I have set it up.

My entire point here is for you to learn something about yourself. If you think you are doing things the way Hashem wants and you still have all kinds of testing and problems, you really need to do an evaluation. My book was written to help you find the only source of happiness and success available in your life. I have had some good success helping people who have purchased the book and made changes in their lives. But to get a copy and not pay for it, or to have received a copy and not to have read it (which is even worse), we may have hurt ourselves more than helped ourselves. Hashem is watching us, judging us and giving us the involuntary help we need to make up for the voluntary effort we are lacking.

Yes, you can still purchase the book by clicking on the “Buy Now” button at the top of the right hand column, and yes it is still going towards helping others. If you already read that book and didn’t pay for it, you can still make the payment and let Hashem know that you want to do things His way and not try to get away with doing as little as possible.  (Note: if I personally sent you my book as a gift, I am not asking you to pay for it -- it was a gift that I wanted you to have).

I have said it many, many times: everything is measure for measure; we can live by Hashem’s rules and succeed or by our own flawed beliefs and throw it all away. It is our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Turn to Hashem for everything, He is waiting for each one of us.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayikra, 28 Adar 5777 (26.3.17)

The King of Kings Blessed Be-He does not skip, does not give up and does not forget all the Gentiles and states that are annoying, harassing and disturbing the people of Israel, and want to take parts of the land of Israel and harm the people of Israel. The Creator is warning them that He will hurt them badly, and will give them hundreds and thousands worse treatment for what they are doing to the Holy Land and to the Jews in the Holy land. The Creator tells them: terrorism will continue to strike Europe and anti-Semitism will greatly increase in Europe. In the USA anti-Semitism is strong and very deep, also there it will be disturbances and they will hurt the Jews so they will leave and come to Israel. The European Jews also will pack and come to the Holy land.

The Creator will keep the chaos going on in the world outside of Israel. After the flood at the time of Noah, the Holy One swore that He will not destroy the world, but when they disturb and want to harm Israel and the Jews living in the Holy Land, this is disturbing and annoying the Holy One, and then He does chaos in the world, so they will leave in peace the Holy Land and the Jews living in Israel. It is too bad for all countries, goyim and states who want to disturb the Jews in the Holy land of Israel. They will be busy to save their skins and themselves.

Floods, fire, eruptions of volcanoes, wind, storms and earthquakes will continue all over the world, except for Israel.

Jews living outside the land of Israel, the Creator warns them to immigrate urgently to the Holy Land, to settle the Negev, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Benjamin and the Jordan Valley.

The Holy Land of Israel will grow and evolve and the whole world will need the help of Israel. The Holy One is in the Holy Land of Israel, protecting the Jews living in the land of Israel, and yet you have to follow "you will protect yourself very much." In the land of Israel there is everything, and all is the best. There is real estate in full expansion; they are building houses all the time, roads, shops and businesses. The land of Israel is growing and strongly developing, the strongest army in the world is in the land of Israel. The Creator is opposed to the fact that they will take centimeters from Israel, the Holy Land, and is increasing the land of Israel every time by a few cm.

Russia wants to control with its weapons. It is acting like it is for the Arab countries - it only seems like it. Russia wants to sell weapons, want a good economy. Putin doesn't deal with Israel, the land of Israel and the Jews in the Holy Land.

In the United States they are not calming down. There are large amounts of immigrants and they are making troubles against Trump. Trump is looking for honesty and truth; he wants to fix the United States and the world; he wants to fix all what is twisted and crooked. He's not a politician, he is an honest man, whatever there is in his heart, it is in his mouth. All what he promised, he will do.

The world media is diffusing false and not accurate information to inflame and complicate the people in Israel. Be suspicious of everything they say and do.

Iran continues to produce nuclear and chemical weapons. They work in facilities 24 hours a day, they want to be ready and prepared for the time when the United States will one day open the fake contract; they one day will discover it.

Turkey, Erdogan is fed up with the infiltrators and the refugees; they make havoc in Turkey and he wants to get rid of them and send them to Europe. Therefore, for him it is perfect the crisis with Germany and Netherlands after receiving hundreds of millions from Europe, he wants to open the gates. The rebels are continuing and planning to make a revolution in Turkey.

Egypt, Sisi is fighting in the Sinai desert against ISIS and Hamas to prevent them from entering in the center of Egypt and to prevent a revolution. He also has the radical Muslims who don't let go of him.

In Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinians are full of rockets pointed at the big cities. IDF must be careful so there will be no surprises because of the tunnels dug to reach the military camps.

Mahmoud Abbas is not telling the truth, plays out the world and the people. He is playing the ones that love peace, and he is sending terrorists to harm Jews.

When Jews in the land of Israel and IDF soldiers become complacent, Mahmoud Abbas orders his soldiers to harm Jews. When Jews are on alert and check everything, he is not sending them.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, most of the ammunition arriving for them the IDF is blowing it up.

Lebanon doesn’t want to get involved with anything, except when it is disturbed.

Syria is poised for total destruction. There will be no peace; there will always be killing and being killed. Syria is being deleted and erased, its end is close.

Iraq, its people are leaving for Europe; Iraq is torn to shreds.

Jordan will descend and fall into great the abyss. Although its king is a good friend of Israel, it is only out of interest. He wants a Palestinian State, to alleviate all the infiltrators and the refugees.

Some of the Goyim living in Israel, with a blue identity card, are very dangerous.

The infiltrators and some of the goyim are creating havoc in Israel, causing most difficult situations; and, everyone is turning a blind eye. Jews are afraid to leave their homes. It is required to get the infiltrators out of the country legally.

The Creator says to Jews abroad: stop living in illusions, and overseas, there is no father and no mother. In Israel there is the Shekinah of the Holy One.

It is forbidden for the Jews to assimilate. The soul of the assimilated leaves him, and this angers the Holy One. Parents pay attention to your children, to prevent them from doing drugs, drinking, gambling and assimilation. Too bad for our youth! Their lives are destroyed and they do not have a future.

All bribery, thieves, frauds, obscenity and profanity will be caught, some publicly and some quietly, between them and the Creator. If they repent, the Creator will reconsider and perhaps forgive them all.

The creator of the universe wants us Jews to submit to Him and understand that everything that happens to us without our knowledge, it's to our advantage.

The freedom holiday is a great holiday - Passover. The Holy One descended and will descend, help and will continue to help in the Holy Land of Israel. When the Messiah will be public all will be good for the Jews, there will be no death for the Jews. The world is in suspense about its existence; this is a very accurate divine process. The soul of the Messiah works 24 /7. The Messiah works, acts and strengthens the Jews and heals the people of Israel. The Messiah is strongly moving forward, there is no looking back. The Revelation of the Messiah in public is very close.

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Monday, March 27, 2017

In light of Nibiru

In light of Nibiru, this commentary on Shabbos by Ir Giborim is astonishing. This was written in the 18th century:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Iron Ladies of the Exodus

We welcome back Rabbi Sprecher after his siting Shiva for his beloved brother. He gave this very interesting talk on 23 March about the great women of the Exodus:
Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students and Senior Lecturer at Diaspora Yeshiva, is not only a popular speaker and teacher, but also a dynamic thinker and writer. A student of Harav Yaakov Kamenetsky and Harav Gedalia Schorr, Rabbi Sprecher was granted smicha (rabbinical ordination) by Torah Vodaath Yeshiva. Prior to his current position, Rabbi Sprecher was a professor of Judaic studies at Touro College in New York. In addition to his duties at Diaspora Yeshiva, Rabbi Sprecher writes a regular column on various Judaic topics in the Jewish Press, and lectures regularly at the OU Israel Center in Jerusalem.
Harry Rotenberg's messages are getting better and better:
This has even more meaning to me since my first grandson, my first Einikle, is named Betzalel.